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She still raised her beautiful blue eyes and looked at the professor.
Mikhail Anatolyevich began to stroke her on the head, saying: “Good student, you will go far.”

Then Michael realized that he wanted to shove his friend right in the pussy of this baby.
He ordered her to get up and take off her panties, which Alyona dutifully did.
With pleasant surprise, the professor looked at Alena’s pink lips, she was already wet.
The little one herself wanted the lustful teacher to fuck her off.
Alena put her elbows on the desk and bent, Mikhail Anatolyevich came up behind the ready-made freshman’s pussy.
He launched his dick in her vagina.
Oh, what a delight it was for the professor.
The vagina of the student was tight, the member was heavy at first.
Suddenly, he realized that the student girl was a virgin, he did not expect it at all.
– Well, nothing – he thought – she is already 18 years old, will accept.
Alyona began to moan softly, she was both painful and pleasant at the same time.
A small drop of blood ran down her leg.
But she did not cry, it even turned her on.
She has long thought and fantasized about sex.
It was a great adventure for her.
The professor moved back and forth, hitting his ass with her balls.
Alyona began to moan louder, and the professor kept up the pace.
Baby wriggled and moved her ass, and the professor had already fucked her with might and main.
He stroked her back, slapped her on the ass, oh, how she turned him on.
Then he unfolded it and laid it on the desk.
She looked at the professor with pleased eyes and spread her legs.
Mikhail Anatolyevich entered it again and began to fuck.
He tugged at her little clit with his thumb.
From this, she began to moan even louder.
The baby herself began to stroke the muscular arms of the professor.
Her first sex gave her great pleasure.

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– Alyonushka, I want you back in the ass – out of breath, the professor said, continuing to fuck her intensely – will you make another little present for me? Alyona nodded, and Mikhail Anatolyevich turned her back so that she got on all fours on the desk and bent.
The professor himself quickly went to his briefcase and took out hand cream from it.
Squeezing a little out of the tube of cream, he smeared them freshman hole.
Then he slowly began to enter with his fat cock in her little tight ass.
Alyona screamed softly, but continued to endure.
The professor was hard to get in the ass, but he was stubborn, and yet he managed to shove his whole penis into her anal.
Mikhail Anatolyevich began to move slowly, her ass was very tight.
Alain clung to the edge of the desk with her hands, her little tear fell on the desk.
But she continued to endure.
Mikhail Anatolyevich began to move a little faster.
He really liked the elastic ass students.
Alyona began to moan softly, with her fingers she began to masturbate.
Then the professor realized that he would end soon.
But he wanted the baby to have fun too, so he waited for her to get an orgasm.
Then he felt Eremina’s ass begin to shrink, she finished, making shrill moans.
Then the professor again put her on his knees: – Open your mouth, bunny – he asked her.
And then a jet of sperm spat out and hit right on Alena’s pink cheeks.
Mikhail Anatolyevich groaned.
Having exhaled, the professor walked over to his briefcase, took out a wet wipe and carefully wiped away the drops of sperm from Alena’s face.
– Did you like it? The professor asked.
Baby nodded, drooping eyes.
The professor took out a record book from her bag and set a solid top five for her.
The student quickly got dressed, took the record, thanked Mikhail Anatolyevich and ran away.
The professor sat for a long time with a wide smile on his face in the study.
“Damn,” he said out loud, “how much I lost!” It was necessary for so long to take exams! Then he got dressed and went to his home, to his usual routine life, but he remembered sex with Yeremina for a very long time.
You probably remember Arthur’s hot story and his tough, “all-pervading” meeting with the teacher, described in detail in the story “French Lessons.
Amelie. ”
I recorded that incident with his words, without embellishing and adding nothing from myself.
Yesterday I met Arthur after a long separation (it turned out that he now lives in another city), and he told me an indiscreet continuation of that long-standing story.
I reproduce it almost verbatim and on his behalf: so, “my beloved sister Roxana.
My beloved sister Roxana stretched out on a lounger, her yellow swimsuit slid down, revealing small strong breasts with dark circles of small nipples. Male sex toys online india.

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