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Sitting on the ground, he pulled her over, and the queen had no choice but to spread her legs and sit down on the monster.
His hot flesh clung to her swollen clit, and she groaned with pleasure, already regretting that she could not absorb him.
Her consciousness floated away, although on the periphery of her she understood that she behaved like a female in heat, but blamed it on King Dacon, who infected her soul with this sin of lust.

She began to rub against the monster, wanting to increase the contact of her skin with his.
Sensing his wet tongue on the lobe of her ear, she moaned.
He descended lower and lower, passing over her arched neck, and covering, eventually, her protruding nipple.
His tongue was long and pointed, and she, with her eyes down, could observe his movement.

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“Do you like it, royal whore?” – Growling, he asked her, when for a moment he tore his tongue from her nipple.
The queen only moaned sadly when she lost her pleasure.
The monster grunted, and completely covered her chest with his mouth, sucking in and sucking it.
He ate her milk, nibbling violently on her nipple, until he had emptied her breast, after which he switched to another, doing the same with him.
A woman fiddled with his body, resting her stomach on his torso.
Her body shook the next orgasm, and it seemed a little more, and she melted with this pleasure.
Sucking all the milk that had accumulated in her breasts due to this demonic pregnancy, the monster finally set them aside in peace.
– I’m full.
But now, whenever they fill up, you will have to feed me.

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Is that clear, bitch? He growled, squeezing her hair with his hand and forcing him to look at him.
– I do not hear the agreement? – Yes.
– Yes, master.
– He ordered.
– While there is no higher than me in rank, then you will call me a master.
Do you understand this, whore? – Yes, master.
“Your king will get back not just a wife-impregnated monster, but a well-stretched bitch.”
King Deikon is only interested in the purity of your childbearing channel and the safety of the fetus, otherwise I have untied hands.
I promise you will not forget this journey.
He roughly shoved her from his lap to the ground, and he rose to his feet.
The woman’s face was next to his large organ, and her eyes were focused on him in spite of herself.
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