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I left the salon in a great mood! I could not finish and suspected that I could never, I could not squeeze a drop, but it was not important.
My dick, more precisely, his stump, rubbed on his underpants and begged to repeat this experience.
And I repeated! I found through the network a girl, more precisely, a woman who emphasized in her questionnaire on oral sex.

Here I will surprise her.
Her name was Lisa, and she took it in the north of the city, on Altufevskoe highway.
She had written in the questionnaire that she could lick the anus, and I wanted to feel it.
I came to her in the evening, from the subway was not long.
Lizaveta was a sweet and pretty woman in her thirties, even nicer than

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in the photo in the questionnaire.
She offered tea and walk into the room.
I, while she came out, quickly undressed and put on a bathrobe in which I went to the bathroom.
I did not want to surprise her at once.
There, anticipating the act of exposure, I soaped and rubbed my reddened and hardened stump.
Then he returned to the room and sat on the sofa in a bathrobe, slightly spreading his legs.
Lisa quickly rinsed under the shower, came completely naked, shaking her hips and exciting her breasts with very large nipples and shaved pubis.
She sat down in front of me on her knees and with a smile began to push the floor of her robe.
My cheeks were burning.
Lisa bared my crotch and her eyes just turned round when she saw what was left in my groin.
“Oh,” she said.
She looked at me, then at the sticking stump, and I smiled a little and trembled with delight.
– Well? – I could not resist.
– Who are you so obkornal? she whispered.
“Former girlfriend,” I lied.
“Girlfriend,” she echoed, echoing with two fingers, took my stump, and began to scrutinize it.
She lifted him and examined the place where the scrotum used to be, stroked it, then stroked her penis.

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– What are we going to do? – asked Lisa and looked into my eyes.
– Caress me.
She put her hand on my crotch and began to stroke me.
The bliss of the warmth of her hand began to spread throughout my body.
I groaned, she began to iron harder.
– Nicely? she asked, surprised notes in her voice.
– Oh yes, caress me.
Well, kiss! She leaned over and slightly incredulously wrapped her wet lips around my leftovers.
Oh my God! Minetchitsa Lisa started her work, something happened that I imagined in my dreams.
She sucked, licked my bones, her wet hot mouth took in the remnants of my manhood.
Lisa, your lips are beautiful! I hear the sound of distant bells singing an ode of joy.
She sucked him relish, broke off and licked her tongue, at first awkwardly and uncertainly, then more and more entering into rage.
Her face reddened.
My stump is swollen with happiness.
I moved away from her and asked me to put a leg there.
“Wow,” she whispered, but did.
I lifted my bare foot and started massaging my crotch with my feet, sitting on the floor.
I grabbed her delicate pink leg with coarse heels and began rubbing my groin with it, dying of bliss.
And then it was better! I licked her lower girl while she lay on the couch, spreading her legs and closing her eyes, sucking her swollen nipples.
She began to moan, then louder, perhaps imitating pleasure, and perhaps enjoying actually, I did not know it, but I wanted to hope for a second.
– Call me a eunuch! – I whispered, breaking away from her vulva.
– What? she raised a red face.
– His eunuch.
There was a pause, and then she began to whisper: – Oh, suck me, eunuch – she was embarrassed to utter this word, as it seemed to me, and she even giggled.
– Kastratik.
“More,” I groaned.
– Oh, my neuter, what are your skillful lips.
My eunuch.
– she palms clasped my head and began to press to her vagina – Suck, lick, my eunuch, do you like it? And I just nodded my head, filling my mouth with its flesh and greedily sucking on it.
Delight filled my soul, we continued to oral sex, sucking each other, she was no longer ashamed to order me and call me a castrate, put my legs on me and let me lick my ass.
I spent two hours with her, two beautiful hours filled with tenderness and voluptuousness.
And then I walked down the street, the cool evening wind swept my burning face, cooled my ardor, and I wanted to take off, wave my arms, rise above the ground and throw out the joy that overwhelmed me.
I stood on the Riga bridge and looked at the railroad sleepers, flaming from the setting sun, going off into the distance.
It was so good that I wanted to take any train and go somewhere very far, where it is very beautiful, somewhere beyond the horizon, closer to the sun. Myfreecams clitstanza.

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