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All the windows were dark except for one, beyond which dim light was burning.
The chef went to the porch and confidently pressed the bell button.
In the depths of the house there was a dull trill, then there was a sound of approaching light steps.

The door swung open, and I just okhuyle! It was Hope, but what she looked like !!! First of all, the clothes on her were only a cheerful apron, which practically did not cover the luxurious strong high breasts.
Her black hair was loose and the waves fell on her shoulders.
The girl had a gorgeous makeup, perfectly emphasizing all the advantages of her face.
She smiled radiantly.
stepped aside and made an inviting gesture.
Sergei Valentinovich, Roman Gennadievich, come through.
You said late that you would come, I did not have time to cook dinner.
Do not need Nadia, we have a good meal.
Here, Roman brought you to meet you, – answered the chef, going inside and closing the door behind him, – see, he still has a jaw hanging? I am very glad that I can finally be with you on my own, at least in private, – Nadia gave me a dazzling new smile, – Are you sure you don’t want to eat? I need only 15 minutes.
Yes, and do not want to lose time.
We are not for long.
Oh, what a pity! When should you return to your spouse? For spouses.
We have a rest together with us.
After an hour and fifty, – said the boss, looking at the clock, – so take us to your boudoir and pour in a little bit of drink.
Roman – more.

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He is about to change his wife for the first time.
So I will be the first? It is always nice.
Only, is it a betrayal? So I explain it to him.
We went into the room, the main element of which was a huge four-poster bed in the middle.
The windows were tightly curtained.
Feet buried in thick carpets.
I did not dare to sit on the bed, taking a seat in one of the cozy leather chairs.
Nadya went to the mini-bar, turning her back to us.
Her ass was just gorgeous.
The chief caught my eye and defiantly asked: Like ass, eh? Gorgeous, – in a dry voice, I replied. I recommend trying it today.
Nadia loves this thing! How is she there narrowly.
And when she starts to play with muscles there! – he dreamily rolled his eyes.
Yes, I love it when they take me in the ass.
At first it was so scary and unpleasant, but now.
Sergey V., your spouse is still in the ass does not give? Not.
In no way.
I do not understand these women! How can you voluntarily give up such pleasure ?! Roman Gennadievich, and your wife ?, – Nadya approached with three glasses on a tray.
I do not want to discuss it.
Come on, old man! With Nadia you can talk about everything! This is its main advantage.
Besides the fact that she is an unsurpassed lover! Well, well, I took a sip of whiskey and decided to answer all the same, sometimes happens, but rarely. Then I will teach you when you have me there.
There are secrets.
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I’m sure she will like it.
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way, the method is 100% working, ”the chief replied,“ just Marisha doesn’t even give me a chance to use it.
H-hell, and so want! My ass – that too is necessary! Appreciated ?.
You again?! Don’t make me think I’m wrong about you! It seemed to me that you are not only strong in business, but you can also support a normal male conversation! Everything, I give you the last chance! Relax! Today we are talking about women! And since we do not fuck other women, except for our wives and Nadusha, we will talk about them! So how do you ass Marinkin? Well, to be honest – did not have time to check out! The legs are super, and the butt was covered with a long blouse. Naked people on cam.

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