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Yes, what are you, – I say, – you and Andryukha yesterday only traditionally fucked.
I have an ass all morning not that it hurts, it whines! Maybe Nikita? – I suggested.
And then I do not know how Nikita is fucking me! – Yana was indignant.

– This is one of you – either you or Andrei, these are thick members! I did not fuck, – said Andrei.
– Yesterday Romik got rid of me, we finished and immediately fell asleep.
I could not fuck you in a dream and not even remember! “And whether in a dream,” I doubted myself.
– When I fell asleep, you didn’t even think when I woke up – you were already on your feet too.
And when I asked you how much you slept, you somehow smiled slyly! Well fuck you give – to fuck up Yanku on the same bed with Nikitos! It can be seen that they both slept very well, since you managed to do all this unnoticed! ”Well, Jan, I said out loud.
– Do you think you yourself would not have noticed if Andrew and I started to fuck you? Yes, funny! Not so well you were drunk! Come on you in the pussy! – waved Yanka.
Looks like we convinced her.
In-in! – exclaimed Andrew.
– In the pussy, but not in the ass! Everyone laughed, then remembered about the auction of clothes.
Children, and let’s not sell all clothes, and only underwear, – Dashka offered.
– Well, what a thrill, if I get the Romikov or Andryukhina pants, I can shove my two legs into one pant leg, and under no circumstances will they fit into my breeches.
How to go home? But pants with a bra – is another matter! Everyone agreed that this is reasonable.
Five pants and one bra put in a bag, Janka took it as a hostess and, running a hand inside, took one thing.
Who will get it? Dasha! – I shouted.
OK, agreed Yanka.
– Dasha get.
Romkin panties! From the package came my blue boxers.
They were sitting tight on me, but Dashka was obviously great.
She put on my pants and tied a knot with an elastic band so that they would not fall down.

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The show was, frankly, fun! Who will get it? – already asked Yanka, taking another item.
Come on, Nikita said.
Yanka pulled out a Dashkin bra.
It was a joke! Nikitos will have to go home in his bra and he will have to try to take it off so that his parents won’t see! We laughed heartily while Dasha fastened her bra on her partner yesterday.
Since Nikita was thin and his chest width was no different, a bra fit on him without problems.
He even danced a little bit to us, demonstrating a new thing.
Given the fact that he was not wearing panties, it looked especially funny.

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continue the auction! Who will get the next panties? Andryukha! – we screamed with Dasha in one voice.
Well Andryukha, so Andryukha, – depicting sadness in her voice, said Yana.
“Eh, I will miss you,” she sighed, pulling her thong from the bag.
What is surprising, they got into Andrew! True, they covered only the tip of the penis, because the eggs immediately fell out, and the base of the trunk from protruding panties was visible well.
Good thing you’re in jeans, ”I told him.
“If I had gotten these shorts, I would have seen everything through my white translucent trousers!” It’s a pity that they didn’t get you, ”Yanka replied.
– Maybe following you? No, I say, following you.
Yes, – Andryukha supported me, – the following ones are for you.
And here the joke did not work out: Dashkin’s red panties looked very even nothing on Yanka.
But in any case, Yanka would not lose, she would not have to go outside in other people’s shorts, she is at home.
By simple calculation, it became clear that the pants of two brothers, Nikita and Andrew, were left in the package.
Those who fall out first will get to me, and the second to the happy owner of the bra Nikitos.
That is, he still had good chances to get his own pants in consolation for a bra.
Yes, and I, frankly, would not mind: I wildly wanted to get Andryukhin.
But it turned out differently.
The first from the package appeared Nikitkin family workers.
They turned out to be a bit cramped to me, but on the whole they looked good.
Nikita was also pleased with the way he looked in his brother’s light gray boxers.
Honestly, I expected that our sex expanse will last in the morning, but it seems that the rest, sober, decided to do with an underwear auction.
We helped Janke clear the table and went home.
Arriving at the hostel, I did not take off Nikitkin panties, I decided that I would change them after a shower.
First of all, I had to be upset by yesterday’s memories, because the excitement was a pearl across the edges.
My neighbor Vadik went home for the holidays, so no one could stop me. Naked webcam chat rooms.

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