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What do you want from me? – And what do you want? You called, didn’t you just? Come to me! – He snapped.
I jumped on the spot.
– Well, no, you will command in your company! Have you decided that you are allowed everything? Goodbye, we are not on the way! “I was a tear from the chair and went to the window for another portion,” I just called in vain.

I grumbled with annoyance.
I lit a cigarette and turned around, and he was already standing nearby.
Like a rock, huge and powerful.
He looked at me with some disdain, leaning his hand against the wall, thereby blocking my path.
I exhaled smoke and nodded toward the door.
– Do you understand at one time, at least something? – he boomed.
– And with a fright? – I put out a cigarette and reached for a glass, as an unknown force threw me over my shoulder and grabbed a scarf.
I did not even come to my senses when he brought me to the bedroom.
But what do they want to fuck me, why doesn’t anyone ask permission !? – Let me go, I said you will fuck your secretary, and leave me alone.
– You do not know the difference between “fuck” and “make love.”
I will explain to you what is the difference.

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I was already shaking with fear, and all my agility disappeared somewhere.
He put me on the bed, and he took off his shirt.
My eyes opened a magnificent body.
I sat down and waited for what would happen next.
He approached me and as then, gently kissed.
With each kiss, he closed his eyes, as if reveling in me.
– You allowed yourself to kiss.
– his hand clasped my head, the second stroked my hair, carefully removing them back.
He ran a finger over my lips and smiled.
– Do not deny it is mutual.
He put my hand to his chest, where his heart was beating wildly.
Then he moved it to his lips and kissed my every finger.
I was melting and could not collect my thoughts.
He just did what he wanted.
– Give me a hug.
– He whispered, caressing the earlobe.
I gladly hugged him and answered sweet kisses, he caught me and sat down to me.
His huge hands so easily unbuttoned his jacket, and my breasts were already eager for his touch.
He was not a bit surprised that there was nothing under him.
Just groaned, winding my hard nipples between my fingers.
He gently bit my neck, and I stroked his broad shoulders, already completely disconnected.
My thighs were already rocking, clinging to his epicenter of passion.
Alex knocked me down and began to caress my chest, freeing me from the shackles of clothes that were left on me.
Now I was absolutely in his power.
His lips slid down his stomach and lower, in one motion he sucked the clitoris and frantically tugged at his mouth.
Feeling ground, I began to moan in the open and, not hesitating

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in movements, grabbed his hair and pressed him more tightly between his thighs. Naked women caught on hidden camera.

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