Old livejasmin version.

Old livejasmin version. Vika, one of the young and early bookkeepers, made a suggestion: – San Sanych, it’s better to have the agency “Shameless sponges”.
Mar Ivanna was delighted: – That’s right! Sponges! We each have a lot of sponge, and, finally, it is more feminine.
Everything is better than pussy or ass.
All supported: – Yes, it does.

Director summed up: – Tomorrow we begin.
Now Vika on the computer will print a dozen of three ads, take everything and paste it on the way home.

When they call our phones, immediately introduce yourself as “Shameless lips”.
If they say that they did not get there, then hang up the phone, and on the second call, introduce yourself to a furniture factory.
At the beginning, I think, there will be overlays, but gradually we will understand.
To conduct eb.
, that is, public service sessions, the administration allocates seven rooms on the second floor.
Since we have a furniture factory, there will be no problems with beds.
They will be placed immediately.
The security will connect to pacify violent customers.

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Medical center we have just in case.
Now the chief accountant, Abram Semyonitch, will give you workwear.
From this day you are all girls.
All right, Mand.
that is, amen, I wanted to say.
May the time of love bring us luck – spring! Announcements that evening were posted.
The next day, calls began.
The first tube picked up Mary Ivanna.
– Alla? Listen to you.
– Agency “Shameless sponges”? – I listen to you, cat.
– Do you need a “roof”? – What is the roof? Do you have a “roof”, baby? Come quickly, naughty, Mommy will take your pants off and massage your pink ass! – I will come now and personally I will go with your pants, you fool! When your business “roof” is needed.
You will unfasten the “Gray” monthly ton bucks! My man will come for the attendants every first Wednesday of the month.
Old livejasmin version.

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