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Where are you all in your institute? – Yeah, I also do what I like, except that the salary is like that of a microorganism.
We do not need smart Fatherland.
Here young obebilivayut, and we quietly get rid of.

But, for now, hold on.
As long as there is work, something is being paid, the doctor’s defense is about to come.

Like this.
During the conversation, we walked half the street and unnoticed by me turned into some alley.
It was no longer my way, and we began to say goodbye.
I was still in the light stupefaction of the Pashkin story, which, probably, can explain everything that followed later.
The gate, near which we stood, suddenly opened with a creak and from there came two Caucasians about 45-50 years old.
“Hello, dear,” one of them turned to Pasha, tall and tight, wearing a blue shirt unbuttoned on a hairy chest with rolled up sleeves, black trousers and dusty black patent leather shoes.
Under his arms and chest, his shirt was dark with sweat, and sweat was streaming on his high forehead because of his bald head.
– Why are you going so long, for it the penalty is due! – he continued.
– Oh, yes you are not alone, well, come.
– And together with the second, a little lower and thicker, he began to push us in the back to the gate.
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) – Yes, I, actually, not here, here, I met a friend, – I started talking, realizing that I was getting into the story.
But the owners already famously pushed us into the courtyard, closed the gate and led along the path blocked by winding grapes to an elegant two-story mansion.
A huge shepherd dog lazily approached the gate with a chain and threw itself thoughtfully at the entrance.
What to do? Shout, fight? I decided to calmly explain everything to the owners of the house.
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