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It’s wonderful that only wives are at the table, And where are the brave men, Of those who are drunk and naked, You lived valiantly that night? Galina did not break for a long time, For the hand to the bath summed up.
My wife was recognized by moans, In a stormy orgasm, swam, And did not dare to break this moan, To ruin an instant of pleasure.
Blush cheeks, ears, flashed the question: to be or not to be.

And the vault, as if she had guessed, And hurried to clarify: She herself wished it so! Already asked to love again, That my heart trembled in agitation, And I led them to the bathhouse.
Well, forgetting the fatigue, Once with each stayed! In a tortured body, A new wave woke up.
Poor thing, passionate in this business, Need a scrotum is not one! I, too, have experienced before, And I know this sweet sin: She herself babbled shyly, Madly yearning for comfort! Again behind the wall of your favorite wheezes Replaced by a long, languid scream – There reefs sweetly penetrated Into the hold of the ship of my love.
The respite does not last long, And again, a joyful song.
I am stunned like an explosion of a flash, The misfortunes of the night are dying
So, after sitting in anguish, without time, For about an hour, maybe two, I heard only my beloved moans, I did not even open my eyes.
Again, I hear next Galkin whisper To put up with the lust of his wife, Like, his former – she missed, And her males are important.
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