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By the way, do not think that he is the only one.
I even saw fourteen-year-olds in diapers.
But most of our patients are the same as yours – from six to ten years.

And what are your treatments? – Olga asked, – Probably sessions with a psychotherapist, hypnosis? Of course, we resort to the services of psychotherapists.
– Vera Andreevna answered evasively, – Not to mention qualified children’s psychologists.
Otherwise, our method of treatment is quite simple – we are returning patients to early childhood in order to compensate for the loss of their parents.
I mean potty training.
Olga offendedly pursed her lips, hearing another hint that she had spoiled her son.
It is necessary for the child to re-experience a nursery, ”the head doctor continued,“ But this time without comfortable imported diapers. Online watch sex videos free.

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