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Nikita’s eggs, beating on a wet crotch, were ready to explode and he accelerated an already wild pace.
The girl’s screams had already turned into voluptuous screams, stunning an empty carriage and mixing with the sound of wheels and the noise of a train flying through the tunnel.
Nikita snarled and grabbed the girl under the buttocks, tearing off the seat.

She immediately tightly threw his hips with his legs, and he, with loud slaps of two bodies, made several movements and pressed her pelvis to his own, releasing the hot streams of his seed to the very depths of her womb.
Nikita came out of the girl and began to button up his jeans.
Katya, shuddering slightly from the excitement that still filled her body, pulled the bra straps off her shoulders and shoved him along with wet panties into her purse.
The blouse managed to fasten only 2 buttons, the bottom one tore off.
As soon as she managed to straighten her skirt and put on her shoes, the train arrived at the terminal station.
The legs of the girl still refused to stand and the young man, hugging her, helped to go to the station.
Katya clung to him, and he embraced her, enjoying her smell and small vibrations of her body, which her orgasms had not yet fully released.
“I am Kate,” the girl said quietly when her body calmed down a little.

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– Nikita – the young man smiled at her.
– I have never been here – she looked around – although I live at the penultimate stop.
– We can reach on foot – immediately suggested Nikita, who did not want her to go anywhere.
The couple, embracing, went to the door, quietly talking about various nonsense.
A thin warm trickle slowly flowed down the girl’s left leg, but she liked it very much.
The guys walked a couple of streets and went to the next station through the park.
The quiet evening of the working day in the dark park was lit by the newly turned on lanterns.
The guys were walking along a deserted alley and in front of the next lantern, Katya stopped, got out of her arms and kicked off her shoes.
Nikita enjoyed watching a barefoot girl raise her arms above her head and spin.
Then she unbuttoned her blouse and threw her to the ground.
Taking a couple of steps from the darkness into the lighted area, she unbuttoned her skirt, letting her fall down her legs.
Remaining completely naked, she again raised her arms and circled around, demonstrating to Nikita all the charms of her toned body, accentuated by a contrasting light.
So she reached the lantern and hugged him, turning her back to the young man.
Spreading her long straight legs, she bent, still hugging the lantern, and shook her hips invitingly.
The young man who had time to undress came up behind him and put his hands on the delicious buttocks of the elastic buttocks.
Then, for a long time, passionate moans and cries were heard in the park.
In the meantime, the teacher was already prepared for action.
No longer so slowly, but just as confidently a huge dick fucked the boy in the ass.
It became clear to the girl that his ass was accustomed to such giants, and the teacher was doing this experience not for the first time.
Alice was also jealous of envy, because her hole was still virgin, and she was already 15

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