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And the hero, satisfied that I carried out his order, continued to caress Marina even more recklessly.
He whispered something in her ear, laughed discreetly, she turned away, twisted her head, he made an uncomprehending look, then nodding in my direction, no longer in the ear of the girl, but everyone heard, said: “He will not hurt us.
I want to print your little ring.

Marina disagreed with a head movement, but her behavior was completely incomprehensible to what she wanted, because she had never behaved with me that way.

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she was wearing one lightly robe, half unbuttoned, and she was not at all ashamed of it.
On the contrary, amusing herself, she seemed to have deliberately served herself to meet new adventures.
Despite the amount of alcohol consumed, I still tried to make a rather sober conclusion and somehow justify Marina’s behavior.
Now it finally became clear to me how erroneous is the opinion that “it doesn’t matter how, but most importantly, how.”
Marina’s condition, and the fact that this gossip had been crowded, and, probably, more than once, indicated that the girl was in a very elevated state.

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All her movements, even a slight resistance, confirmed her extraordinary attraction to a man, who, perhaps, revealed in her the very secret desires that she could not satisfy.
At that moment, I was terribly sorry for myself, who for some reason always considered that the girl was good with me.
I could hardly hold back the tears.
Larisa, who was silently sitting on her bed and also closely following the situation, slightly creaked in bed reminded of her presence.
Sawa turned in her direction and beckoned to his finger.
Without thinking, she went to him.
Slightly pushing Marina aside, the “hero” sat her on his second knee.
Now both of his hands were where to roam – he somehow immediately began to take the bull (Larissa) for “horns.”
She, who did not expect such a sharp turn, tried to escape, but did not see anything in his eyes, except for mad anger, playfully resigned, and no longer tried to fix the robe, when his five-eyed girl was touching her tits.
Then he deftly unbuttoned the bottom two buttons on her robe and dragged himself away from the bare female legs.
“Are you a virgin?” He suddenly asked Larisa.
“How did you take it?” “And who ripped you off?” There was silence, which for some reason made everyone feel quite uncomfortable.
“Maybe he did it?” – Sawa, turning in my direction, brazenly grinned, – “if he did it, I’ll crush him.
Larisa immediately found how to sober him up: “He is a gentle guy, and he cannot get to me with his growth, but you would have approached me.
Maybe you and me will make your second child ?.
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