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You walked smoothly, as if you were falling asleep, The transparent hand held a steel chain, And the evening, like a dog, limping behind you, Shards of bright stars held over your head.
Your milky peignoir on the thighs swayed, And the city fell into silence under the ground.
In your breath, you wanted to forget everything, And you walked, dropping heavy eyelashes.

So the youth has gone to the origins of a light shadow, Only you alone go, as before, in a dream, Your silk is swaying on the thighs, like milky, the Goddess of childhood dreams, whose name is Infinity!
Scenario Chapter 1.
All night long I was convinced that the body is the best instrument in the world that needs to be mastered perfectly.
I did not agree for a long time and you showed it to me.

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I woke up from my own moan.
Now I believe it.
I asked why you suddenly kissed me with open eyes, at the highest moment of a convincing demonstration of the perfection of owning your beautiful body, to which I received an answer: — I want to see your reaction: Until now, under the impression.
Now I know what you are.
I hope tonight to love you all, so hot, passionate and at the same time tender.
You are especially amazingly beautiful at the moment of our proximity.
Before that, we stand for a long time in the shower, and then we take a bath with rose petals and oriental fragrances, which both excite and temporarily remove everything that in an instant becomes secondary.
And it is so pleasant to be steamed, free, in anticipation of the imminent pleasure to be near and to know: to know that this will happen now: by touching carefully.

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and then.
all: It’s time to work.
And the dream has already ended and the “minor” becomes the main thing.
I look at past events through the eyes of a man who has gone through all this hell of a wild island, while experiencing the action of an unknown force of passion and sexual enthusiasm from an inexplicable flow of events that do not themselves have sexual coloration.
It is easier for me now to remember all this surrealism on behalf of an outside observer.
It is impossible to forget, and I don’t want to remember that all this happened to us.
It helped us a lot to come back after returning to Moscow that hitting the island during a banal boat ride on Lake Senezh, where you rented a part of the cottage from your only friend Oksana in the summer, you had to immediately get new passports with the names on the island It is fashionable to call children born in those years.

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