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If she doesn’t want, you can’t force her in any way, ”said Olya,“ Because the tickling in itself does not cause a small urge in a child.
She just does not tolerate it.
Tickling just makes the child relax, ”explained Olya.

I thought so, – said Nastya, – First, the toddler should massage the lower abdomen to cause a little urge.
And when you see that the child almost can not tolerate, you need to tickle him to relax and let the trickle.
By the way, what is the best way to do this? – Oksana asked.
Tickle? – Olya smiled. – It is most convenient for boys to lightly touch the scrotum.
And here, behind the testicles.
The boys there is the most ticklish place.
Pushing the pot aside, Olya lowered her legs to Colin. Sex and the city movie online.

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