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Two girls beat me from two sides, Vika, and Olga kicked me.
On the head, legs, ribs, stomach.
I screamed so that I probably heard at the other end of the city.

I wanted to die, to fall asleep, but only not to feel all this.
In the end, Olya brought a rag to my nose and I instantly disconnected.
Chapter 4 Woke up.
Everything hurt.
And I immediately regretted that I came to myself.
This time I was on all fours in the same room.
My hands and feet were bound again.
Bloody markings were visible on the floor.
Olya was sitting on the floor opposite and digging into the phone, which was suspiciously similar to mine.
Hello – for some reason I said.
Words were given to me with difficulty.
Who is Olya Whore Do Not Raise? – Olga asked.
You’d better be better, ”I replied angrily.
– What are you looking for? Why there is not a single photo with your girlfriend? Because it’s not your business.
Are you rude? Well, nothing, we will fix it.
Will you beat again? – I grinned.
– Olya, this is no longer a game, do you understand? I’ll go to the police.
What? – Olga laughed.
– To the police? Right from here? Telefonchik give a call? When I get out of here.
And who told you that you will leave here? – the girl seemed genuinely surprised.
– You stay here.
Always gonna keep me here? – I asked.
No, you will die.
Having said these words, Olga stood up.
Immediately went to the room Vika.
She was wearing a strapon.
I related this fact to my current posture and was not at all happy.

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Is our chick ready? – cooed Vick.
As you can see, – answered Olya.
– In the police gathered, count? The girls laughed merrily.
Kitty, – Vika turned to me.
– How do you feel about anal sex? I said nothing.
Lend me your lubricant? – Vika asked Olya and held her hand between her legs.
And I would have torn this boy dry, – Olga said maliciously.
The girls came to me and Vika began to lubricate my anus and strapon.
I didn’t have anal experience with either a guy or a girl in the passive.
And the desire as it was not.
So now my prospects didn’t look bright and I involuntarily thanked Vika for what she was about to fuck me with grease.
I felt something enter into me.
It seemed that my hole could not expand so much, but the phallus moved slowly but surely.
The sensations were as if someone alive had settled in me there, who urgently needed to move along

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the anus.
There was almost no pain by the way, more discomfort and some kind of fear that I’m going to tear the hell out of there.
We took care of you and injected melanomas, ”said Olya, watching the wiki’s efforts.
Vika began to move faster, her movements became harder, she began to moan and groan.
I felt a little pleasure.
Very easy.
And a lot of pain, painkillers did not save, if it really was.
Aaaaaaa, yeah! – Vika behind all accelerated pace.
Please stop, I begged.
Olya sat next to me and began to masturbate, fingers fucking herself.
There was bliss and mockery on her face.
Vika from behind finally stormy, judging by the screams, finished and pulled this terrible unit out of my bored ass.
You know, – said Olga, not ceasing to caress herself.
– You were a boring client.
In the sense of? – I did not understand.
You still do not understand where you got and to whom? – asked Vika.
No, I was surprised.
– And to whom? Have you heard about the missing students? – Olga grinned, with powerful movements fucking herself with three fingers.
I went cold.
Since the beginning of the school year, four people have already disappeared from different universities of the city.
Four guys.
The last of them disappeared seems to be somewhere before the new year in December. Sex cam dating.

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