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He simply explained his initiative to me: – But don’t you think that I am from excessive generosity.
I am not an angel and I pursue my interest.
First of all, I want to have a good time – I have long wanted to hold a wedding according to my own script, but here is a case.

Secondly, although I have a good attitude towards Karen, he is trying to privatize Masha, and this is wrong.
She’s our common, right? I was stunned.
Of course, I all understand that Mikhalych is well aware of the specifics of our relationship with Masha, but it’s so cynical to tell me that my bride is a common whore, it was too much.
But, realizing that Mikhalych’s interests (however terrible it might sound) coincided with mine (I also didn’t like very much that Karen applied for an exclusive relationship with Masha), I didn’t argue, but answered: – Yes, Masha is a common .
And who, no matter how you know it.
– Here I am saying: I, I can say that I nurtured this girl, made a smart whore out of her.
And with Karen, by the way, I introduced her too.
Listening to Mikhalych, I had the feeling that I was not here at all in business, but it was about the division of Masha between Karen and my interlocutor.
And while I was playing the role of “furniture”, Mikhalych continued: -.
Do not worry, I will bring order, Karen will behave correctly.
Masha will still kiss my feet in gratitude, so do not worry.
Of course, I did not worry, because according to Mikhalych, I, apparently, only dreamed that my bride would kiss his feet.
Although, hand on heart, it was much more comfortable for me to entrust my bride to Mikhalych: he behaved himself, though more sophisticated, but at the same time wisely towards me and Masha. Sex online games for free.

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