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I only saw her leg, convulsively wriggling and kicking the door, trying in vain to find a foothold in this smooth piece of wood.
Her shoe slipped on the floor, pressed against the door of my cubicle, slipped again, disappeared under the girl, and then came back to me, wrapped tightly inside and relaxed floating to the side.
I was sure that the same thing was happening with her second leg.

The girl could not keep them calm, and I understood her.
and here I heard.

her choked moan.
But it was not the same squeezed moan of pain, when the girl stood a few inches from the toilet, but could not immediately fall on him, because you had to first pull down her panties and pull up her skirt so as not to splash them.
No, it was the groan of a girl who was overwhelmed with pleasure.
The sound of this sweet moan I could not stand.
I shook my skirt that was interfering with me, saw my penis crashing into the toilet and pulled it out with difficulty.
The thought of how I look from the side, only excited me more (a pretty girl with long blond hair, in multi-colored stockings and in beautiful sandals with small heels, sits on the toilet, with green panties lowered and sandwiched between the knees).

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I repeated the movements of the girl.
Both of us often-often breathed, moved our legs (but I did it silently, trying not to reveal myself and let the girl finish what she had begun; I imagined how pleasant it was for her to run her finger over the wet, slightly smelling fragrant urine of the clitoris).
I dreamed that we ended with her at the same time, was already approaching the final act, but.
The front door to the toilet opened and two chatting little girls, apparently friends, entered.
My neighbor, having heard the creak of the door, jerked, but did not stop.
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