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In the center of the room is a large, roughly cobbled table and four stools.
That’s all the furniture.
The girl asked to fence off her bed with a curtain constructed from a sheet.

The first night on the island, Anna slept like a log.
Affected by fatigue and anxiety.
Caught in this earthly paradise, feeling solid ground under her feet, she seemed to be no longer thinking about her future.
Duval, on the contrary, could not fall asleep for a long time, continually glancing in the direction of the improvised curtain behind which the girl’s quiet breath could be heard.
“Did I do it right,” he thought, “without telling her the truth.”
that it is hardly known to the captains of ordinary ships about this island, that I cannot know how much time we will have to spend here before any ship comes here? And will it come here at all? What if it turns out to be pirated? Anyway, it’s done.
We are here.
need to somehow live.
Their life on the island began.
During the day Duval practiced fishing or went hunting in the woods

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There was no big game here, but there were plenty of birds, so hunger did not threaten them.
Anna did not know how to cook, and Duvall willingly taught her this, and soon she enjoyed cooking.
The big inconvenience in this hot humid climate was their clothes.
Of course, Serge was easier – he just wore shirts with trousers and a hat, but Anna shortened the sleeves of several muslin dresses, and the wool had to be put away in a chest.
In addition, she refused stockings.
To her inexpressible joy, Anna once discovered a small waterfall with warm, as if heated water and almost every day began to go there to bathe.
Duval returned from the hunt.
Strange sounds caught his attention – someone was laughing.

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Or rather, the woman laughed, Anna laughed.
Intrigued by her fun, he went at her laugh and found himself in front of a small waterfall.
The spectacle that opened to him was fascinating.
Under the clear streams of water stood a young beautiful nymph in all her pristine nudity.
Slender legs smoothly flowed into rounded thighs and charming ass.
The chiseled waist was so thin that it looked porcelain.
Small, but plump, like two miniature moons, breasts under jets of water, seemed to expire with a gentle invigorating juice, like unprecedented tropical fruits.
The graceful hands of the girl were raised and thrown over the head.
Anna, laughing, was washing her hair.
Long braids snake crawled over her body, reaching below the waist.
Serge, stunned, stood for some time and looked intently at the girl.
His forehead began to sweat, his throat was dry.
He mentally hundreds of times cursed himself for being engaged in an unworthy deed.
continued to stand, fascinated by the beautiful picture.
Suddenly, Anna shook her head, lowered her right hand and wound it between her legs, she leaned forward beautifully, which made her resilient “moons” start and hang in the air.
And the pen of the girl began to gently wash the most secret place.
Then Anna turned her back to Duval, bulged her ass and, having parted her buttocks with both hands, put a hole under the waterfall jets.
The unfortunate Serge closed his eyes, shook his head, as if chasing away an obsession, and rushed to the hut.
– Sir, you do not want to swim in the waterfall? – returning, Anna asked him.
She was so fresh, her face shone with joy, that Serge involuntarily admired her.
“No, Miss Anna,” he shook his head, “the pirates are not used to taking a bath every day,” he grinned, “and besides, your waterfall is hot and bland, I used to be content with seawater.”
“Hm,” she pursed her shoulders, “your will, but.”
you are no longer a pirate, ”the girl remarked, and smiled gently.
“Now let me decide who I am,” he suddenly flared up.
She was surprised and kept silent, slipped into the hut.
He spent this night sitting on the beach.
“I can’t be with her now,” he thought, looking at the waves, “and before seeing her was sweet flour for me,” he chuckled to himself, “imagine how shocked the guys would be if they lived with me single room, it remained untouched.
Oh, if only she answered my feelings! But.
who am i for her? Pirate captain, villain and murderer.
Damn that day when I got to Zeus! Now she would not refuse the sole heir to the state of her ancestors, Count Serge Duval. Sexy wife hidden cam.

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