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I walked over to our pile, took a condom from there.
Do you want me to wear it on you? – I suggested.
I got another chance to touch his gorgeous cock.

Andrei agreed.
Pulling away from Yana, he sat down, spread his legs, putting his sticking weapon at my disposal.
I smacked him in the top of the head and stretched the condom along the entire length of his unit.
She began to fuck with Yanka, while continuing to kiss passionately.
They looked like a loving couple, their sex, even though they met just a few hours ago, fucked on a drunken head, in front of witnesses, and not everyone for the first time today – seemed somehow pure, romantic, and unwary.
I admired them, while receiving even some aesthetic pleasure.
Naturally, my dick, too, soon wanted pleasure.
I started to tweak it gently.
Shore of power, I also had the most interesting thing for tonight – to fuck Andryukha! They finished with Yanka rather soon (this is understandable), but violently.
Nikita meanwhile, pulling another condom, tore Dasha in the ass.
His balls loudly flopped about her, and she continually moaned.
The spectacle turned out mega-exciting! Fuck, and why did I not guess you in the ass, – said Andryukha Yanke.
And I would not give you.
Well, you give your brother! Your brother’s dick is thin, it’s the most, and your elda will blow my whole ass up! – the Mistress was indignant.
“I still don’t envy you, but Romik will tear you in the ass right now, and his dick is probably thicker than you.”
Yes, no, the same, probably hardly thicker – I responded.
But it didn’t bother Andryukh much.
It seems that he was waiting for this with impatience, only afraid to give it away.
You can understand him, after all when you fuck another guy – this is still normal, but when the other guy fucks you – you are already a fag, whether you want to or not.
But he seemed to want to be a fagot.

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Nikita and Dasha finished and fell to the floor without any strength.
“So,” Nikitos mumbled, not even looking at us, “Jan, give them our lubrication, let’s quickly see how Romych pulls on my brother and sleep.”
Yanka brought a lubricant for anal sex, after which she, Dasha and Nikita sat down so that they could clearly see our every movement.
Andrew himself smeared his anus, meanwhile, I pulled a condom.
He came up behind him, hugged him, ran his hands from his shoulders down, stroked his nipples, tummy.
He began to caress him a member, eggs and crotch, pull the hairs.
At the same time, I kissed his neck, his ears

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, rubbing his cheek against his cheek.
My dick penetrated him surprisingly easily.
He was cramped, but he moved smoothly.
Continuing my caresses, I started at first slowly, and then accelerating, fucking him.
It was indescribable bliss, but most importantly, exactly the same bliss was painted on his face! He liked what I was doing! From this my buzz increased even a hundred times! What happened next, I do not even remember.
I only remember that I was VERY good.
After some time I woke up.
Andrei and I were lying on the couch in an embrace, he stroked my chest with his hand.
Dasha was sleeping, curled up in a chair, Nikita and Yanka, apparently, went to bed.
Having a little swim in Andryukh weasels, I plunged into a deep and very sweet dream.
When I woke up, it was already light.
Dasha was asleep in a chair already covered with a veil, Janka and Nikita snuffled behind the closet.
Andryukha was not.
I got up and walked into the kitchen.
He sat there, in his black jeans, but without a shirt, and smoked.
In this form, he looked almost more seductive than naked! Awoke? – he smiled.
– Good morning! Good
– I replied.
– What are you dressed? Did you forget that we still have the game? And I did not wear shorts, I only pants.
The game will start – take off.
Did you even sleep at all? – I asked.
A little bit, – he answered with a mysterious look.
Then Yanka entered the kitchen.
First of all, she, too, was indignant why Andrei was in her pants, and ordered them to be removed.
Which he did right here in the kitchen.
Already do not hesitate, I stared.
on his dick.
The skin again slipped away, or Andrei pulled it over the head, but now, like yesterday, the skin covered it almost completely.
Yes, in principle, he is not very handsome, and a member, but seductive, you will not say anything.
Send everyone to wake up, ”said Yanka, apparently remembering that she was the Mistress.
She woke Nikita, I shook Dasha and we again gathered on the carpet, where we played a bottle yesterday.
First of all, Yanka said, looking at Andrei and me somehow not kindly, I want to know what bitch fucked me in the ass! Sweetlizzi bongacams nude.

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