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No, well, clean – Natasha asked, she was always very shy, I think we didn’t even have a single photo of her in a bathing suit, although we regularly went to rest, but she never posed undressed.
Well, beauty, well – seeing her weak resistance, the fisherman standing next to her began to quietly move her hands away from the body.
Well, it is not necessary – Natasha somehow doomed spoke, nevertheless, allowing the man to remove his hands from intimate places.

Natasha dutifully lowered her hands at the seams, appeared in front of men completely naked, the paint of embarrassment flooded her face, she carefully looked at the water.
Well, quite another thing – cheered up by peasants.
Well, smile, beauty, do not frown – they cheered her.
The wife somehow hesitantly smiled, glancing at the men.
Here, here – they picked up – so,

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(The main character is very excited when he sees how his wife is pawing on the lake! – approx.
) Having decided that it was probably worthwhile to interrupt this action, I took a pebble and threw it into distant bushes.
The branches began to rustle, attracting the attention of all.
Oh, maybe your hubby is walking – the fisherman said – well, then we will not compromise you – he finally fumigated my wife, and his hands went over the priest and tummy, and even across my spouse’s chest.
Do not be sad, see you – he said cheerfully at last, also famously climbing back into the boat.
And their boat was sweepingly removed from the backwater and after a few seconds disappeared behind the reeds.
Naturally, I didn’t tell my wife about what I saw, and she didn’t tell me anything either.
But it seems that she even liked it, because she did not stop her bathing procedures right in the lake, referring to the fact that there is no point in carrying water to the bathhouse.
A couple of days later I had a chance to meet these fishermen.

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They went around the house selling their catch, both fresh and dried.
We talked, they invited me to go fishing, in general, we became friends a little, when my wife looked out to see that I hadn’t been returning for so long, she embarrassedly looked down upon recognizing those very fishermen.
The men didn’t file it either, apparently they knew what house they were before, apparently this explains their loyalty to me, which is a little insulting, but I’m not interested in that.
Natasha, meet me – I alternately introduced my wife to men – this is Dima, Sergey, Andrei, she was embarrassed to stretch their hands and babbling – very nice.
During the conversation they agreed to go swimming next morning.
And at that time, waiting for the fishermen, I suggested to my wife to try on her new swimsuit, which we bought last year, but which she never dared to wear.
It was a dark green bikini with thong panties, which looked very impressive on Natasha’s plump body, but which, due to its openness, she never dared to wear.
Misha, but I am embarrassed to go in such a bathing suit – said Natasha, turning around in front of the mirror and already preparing to take it off to put on her usual, more chaste.
Well – I screamed – go for it, it is so beautiful – I tried in every way to flatter her, only so that she would not change it.
No, I hesitate – there was her final answer – somehow later.
She soon – sounded behind the door – we have already gathered, just waiting for you – it was Sergey.
Fishermen arrived on time, not making us wait.
In one second, having made a decision, I answered – yes, we, too, are ready, and hugging my wife by the waist began to push her toward the door.
Misha, Misha, no – my spouse lamented in every way possible – I will not go for it.
I inexorably dragged her to the door, and threw open the door almost pushed my wife out.
Everyone and Sergey and Andrei and Dima were already waiting for us here.
Well, how can you – in one voice, they complained, looking at my spouse with interest.
From their greasy looks, my dick stirred up; I liked their carnivorous looks, which they looked at and directly devoured my embarrassing Natasha.
Big sisi almost fell out of the close cups of a swimsuit, the butt was all open, and the triangle of matter in front was also not particularly large.
The whiteness of the places covered up by the former swimsuits until now only emphasized the openness of this outfit.
Well, let’s go already, why did you get up – embarrassed and trying to defuse the situation, Natasha spoke, at the same time giving me a displeased look.
I smiled sweetly at her and picked up the beach bag followed.
Slightly lingering to lock the door, I began to catch up with men walking a little behind my wife. Teen anal masturbate webcam.

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