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With my other hand I inserted a small cucumber – a gherkin into the back hole of my girl.
Then he inserted the middle finger between her genital lips and moved into the vagina to make the juice more abundant.
Then he put a small carrot in the front of his beloved.

Continuing to fuck the girl with a banana in my mouth, I touched the gherkin, then the carrot with the fingers of my other hand, slightly moving them in the sweet holes.
The baby moaned, her cheeks flushed.
And the gaps also got flushed, I examined them in turn.
When my girlfriend (wife) had finished, the teacher put a new girl on the table on the screen.
I removed the now superfluous vegetables and fruits from the holes of my crumbs and introduced my weary penis between the girlfriend’s labia.
Soon her next orgasm covered her head, I finished, as it should be, in her ass.
That is, I used all three holes “call girls”.
“Masha” for a long time came to the senses.
We practice this game sometimes.
She was already both Sasha, and Natasha, and Parasha (Parasha Zhemchugova, of course! Well, in this case I was Count Sheremetyev).
“No. 6.
Sexual secretary. Psychological significance: Traditionally it is considered that an office is a place where it is necessary to work.
A strict dress code and a schedule from 9 to 18 suggest seriousness and the absence of any frivolity, which is why many women often fantasize about sex with male employees or the boss.
In this case, sexual fantasies serve as a “safety valve” that protects against excessive moral or social pressure.
Imagining that you are having sex in the middle of a meeting, in the reception office or in the workplace is a kind of way to “show a fig” to social conventions that weigh on us.
– Are you ready to “show a fig” to social conventions? – Only in games with you, honey.

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– “Safety valve” cook? – No, dear, everything will be fine.
“Your actions: Of course, you can have an affair with a colleague or boss, but this can adversely affect your professional reputation, turn into gossip in the workplace (“ this damn thing goes! ”) And ultimately hurt you.
Such fantasies should be carried out only if you are going to leave this place of work and are looking for something new – then you really have nothing to lose. ”
– You are not going to leave the place of work? – No, honey.
– Then it’s better to play at home.
And here I am – the chief, I sit in the office and call the secretary.
She enters, shaking her hips.
I ask you to make two coffees: for myself and for her.
When the coffee is ready, I sit it next.
Stroking her knee, I notify you that a business partner is coming, and she should give it to him.
This is very important for my business.
In the meantime, I’ll warm it up to his arrival.
She agrees nods, we finish our coffee.
I ask you to get up and, lifting up her skirt, take off her panties.
Our office is warm, the secretary wears stockings with elastic bands.
Stockings I leave in place.
I remove from the girl a blouse and a bra.
Now “sekretutka” in a skirt, stockings and shoes.
I put her face to the table,

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forcing her to lean on the tabletop, bending forward slightly and spreading her legs.
I come from the back, I caress her breasts with one hand, and I insert my finger with the other into the vagina and start masturbating her.
Then I add the second finger to the first finger.
The girl is breathing heavily and shifting from foot to foot.
I pick it up in my arms, turn it over on my back and lay it on the table.
Her legs fall on my shoulders.
Having warmed it up slightly, I say: – And here our guest has come.
I put a bandage on my eyes so that she would not see me.
We both pretend that a business partner has come, and I give up his place.
And here I am in the image of a business partner.
– How lovely? Have you warmed her up properly? Hope not to let it down? But planted as it should, right? Yes, I see, babzhen ruddy and current.
Take my rod, doll! But first, I’ll kiss you on the lips.
I kiss the inner surface of the partner’s thighs, then her labia, bury my mouth and nose into her vagina, lick it and suck my clitoris.
She wriggles under my caresses and pours out.
I put her on the sofa, put her knees so that she leaned her hands on his back, and her butt and divorced girls in the direction of her thigh opened access to a hot flower. Transcend drivepro 100 dash cam reviews.

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