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them! In nine months, Tanya gave birth to twins.
The girl and the boy were the youngest in a huge family.
They have become universal favorites.

Lotus and I were considered dads, Tanya, Lizonka, Lot and Anyuta were considered moms.
Leila and other almost adult individuals, including probes, robots, dogs and beavers, decided to become aunts and uncles.
Lena has turned from a simple clerical servant into the Tribe Queen of wandering robots, but she still remains the universal grandmother.
The great leader of the robots said that he would be the great-grandfather to the inhabitants of the planetoid.
In his twenty-three thousand years of his mind, he has not lost.
Children great-grandfather adore.
The kid swore that the current generation of our kids could end up in another galaxy.
It is unclear why they need it, we have enough space in the old galaxy.
But still the various inhabitants of the planetoid are looking forward to this wonderful moment.
I was 20.
No more braids, hair completely white, nails, tanning beds, waxing.
In the club I met guys – two friends.
One was a restless dancer and joker, charming and romantic, talkative and sassy.
The second – silent and rude, very athletic and strong.
With one we had fun, the other – sat at a table and smoked, examining others.
Then I left with the first, and somehow we began to grow relationships with him, we spent a lot of time together, had a lot of sex and parties! I have not seen the second for almost a month.
And so we went to the sea.
A week went crazy there! The weather was just magical.
We compensated for the inconvenience of living (with the aunt of the guy) by nature.

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Sex in the house is impossible – we four slept on the floor (I’m with a guy, his friend and niece – a bun for 11 years).
And behind the cardboard wall of the aunt and her some kind of relative.
Here we are annealed by the sea – it was great! Maybe the excitement and the sea, and maybe something else, but I somehow noticed that the boyfriend’s friend somehow began to look “wrong.”
My boyfriend’s name was Dima, a friend of Oleg.
Oleg frankly just stared! I went to the locker room on the beach, and there he was naked.
looking at me, smiling.
defiantly puts on shorts and goes.
In general, the sea is a place full of surprises.
Gathered to go home.
But they decided not to lose the day and go in the evening.
As it should be, the evening became almost night.
While they were laying there, I decided to run off to plunge lastly – walk 3 minutes to the sea.
Bathed, and like normal people – wet shot.
In general, under the summer dress I had nothing.
It is almost to the ground – nothing terrible.
When she came, I was in for a surprise – my aunt and my niece were also going.
I can not stand when someone sits in my place in front.
But that’s not all.
And how to go? Places are few.
Aunts are thick.
In general, they took me a place for the driver.
Oleg is on his knees.
I could talk to Dima, switch music.
but at the same time, Oleg held me by the hips.
We drove up to the highway along a rural road, pits and potholes — he just kept me.
Then the car went faster, aunts and small quickly covered with sleep.
and I started having fun.
Oleg did not just hold, and began to stroke.
light movements in the hips and abdomen.
Frankly, it was exciting and scarecrow.
and from this even more excited.
Very soon, I felt that the hand under the dress.
He did not stroke, but simply pawed.
I sat sideways, legs shifted together, but he deftly drove to the priests from the side and was already on the stomach under the dress.
summer dress is wide, so it all worked out easily.
He realized that I was without panties and tried to put my hand between my legs.
but I did not allow it, and with my other hand behind my back I tried to push him.
but he quickly raised his hand and it became painful to squeeze the nipples.
And while still saying: Dimon, do not drive, my legs will not sustain! And then me: sit down on the other foot – stayed out! And he just began to turn me around.
Now I was sitting facing the side door and he pushed my leg, then pulled up the dress and his hand in a businesslike way climbed between my legs. Turkish live sex cam.

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