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Decked out, but still quite sexy, she carried her used body more than once with ill-concealed pride.
For my taste, there was nothing to be proud of.
Very plump pop, wide and apparently still elastic, although already slightly swollen hips.

Rounded noticeable belly clearly hinted at an uncommon appetite of beauty.
A third size chest, supported by a lace bra.
Buttons on a blouse are unbuttoned so that both the style and the texture of linen are visible.
Brown hair bleached by feathers playfully hover over his high forehead, and in his light brown eyes.
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Typical lady.
Igorek to such a type has a special weakness.
– She is married, but she has such a strange relationship with her husband! – bends its line Hilda – imagine, they never have breakfast together! -So what? – Ula shrugs indifferently, – maybe she.

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as it is in Russian.
owl, and he is a nightingale.
“A lark,” I corrected, and Ula squeezed my knee gratefully and did not remove my hand after that, but on the contrary moved it a little higher up my thigh.
At the touch of her cool and strong hand, her skin was punctured by pleasant needles, and the indomitable tight lump of desire twisted around her lower abdomen.
Ula, in which miraculously muscular thighs and hard face coexisted with the girlish softness and docility of a geisha, did not cause me to be platonic thoughts.
-Yes Yes exactly! – hotly picked up Hilda.
She radiates such enthusiasm that after each of her phrases I want to put an exclamation mark, or even two.
She probably knows something, but decides to save the juicy details for later, – Oh, look, but this is her husband.

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A tall, trim-up man in a white T-shirt, close-fitting and in riskyly short and rather tight shorts entered the bar.
one must so frankly expose one’s charms, although I must admit that there was something to expose.
The fabric below the belt was bulging, tightly fitting powerful loins.
Slightly flexing his muscles (fuuu, disgusting habit), the man went to the bar and ordered whiskey and coke.
He exchanged a few words with his wife and she went home.
And he stayed.
Then I noticed that Hilda is hard at building Igor’s eyes.
And all would be nothing, but she did it sneak in, when I either turned away or was distracted by a conversation with Ula.
Version livejasmin.

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