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Alimjon, not taking out a finger from my vagina, continued reciprocating movements, massaging the entrance to the vagina and reaching for the cervix with a finger, I was on the verge of an orgasm from such movements, but after a minute I felt a new sensation that my entrance to the vagina was stretched, and that something big and hard trying to penetrate me, I lowered my hand and touched the object that tried to penetrate the vagina, and felt Alimjon’s hand, three fingers of his hand were in my vagina, but even with gel viscous, his hand did not include me in the vagina without causing me pain, I gave him to understand that he has reduced the pressure of the hand, making several progressive movements hand he pulled his fingers out of my vagina, I was at the peak of ecstasy.
Alimjon took my legs and put it on his shoulders and folded me in half, my vagina was open and easily accessible with one hand, he opened his lips, and the second sent and pushed his ambal into my vagina, I felt like a hot slippery object.
I flew into me pushing everything in my path, and I imagined that he would now hit the back wall of the vagina and tear it all up, but this did not happen.

Alimjon introduced his penis just enough so that his head touched the cervix, and he froze for a second, and immediately the member in me began to twitch, as if trying to lift me out of bed, after two three twitches, the member gradually entered me, stretching vaginal walls, a minute later I felt that the member rested against the back wall of the vagina, and then I felt the next member twitching, I knew what would follow next but did not attach any importance to it and at that moment the member went further, I screamed from pain pierced m She tried to reduce the depth of penetration of the penis into the vagina

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, but it turned out, he went sideways and on, and we froze.

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The pain passed Alimjon gradually began to take his penis out of me, taking out the head to the vagina for almost the entire length, and gradually introduced him to the depth at which he stopped after doing such manipulations 5 or 6 times I began to enjoy sexual intercourse.
I was already accustomed to the size of the penis, the vagina tuned in to its size, but gradually Alimjon began to increase the rate of sexual intercourse, and at that moment I got an orgasm, my legs began to convulse, I started to rush under my partner, he let go of my legs and I pulled them out, but the member in me went deep into me, and it seemed to me that he would now raise me, Alimjon trying to finish with me accelerated the rate of sexual intercourse, this caused me to have a second orgasm, and it seemed that for a moment I lost consciousness.
When I came to my senses, Alimjon continued to have sexual intercourse with me, and his member already entered me completely, that he was massaging my lungs and when he introduced a cutting from a shovel into me, otherwise his member couldn’t be called I could not help but breathe in and not exhale, but after some time I began to like it and an orgasm came to me and at that time Alimjon began to shake, growled like a beast, his whole body tensed, he pressed against me and finished in me, I felt his sperm move on the channel of the penis, and a hot jet hits the back wall lagalischa in the solar plexus.
After Alimjon had finished with me, he lay on me for about 3 minutes, until his penis began to subside, gradually decreased until he fell out of the vagina, while pulling out a mixture of sperm, my juice and gel, and under me booty formed a puddle from a mixture of sperm, gel and my discharge.
Alimjon got up from me and went to the bathroom, washed himself and did not come to me and left.
I continued to lie on the couch and could not get up, everything was burning inside me, there was a pleasant languor, my legs did not obey my head was spinning. Watch online sex clips.

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