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Shock, feeling of cold inside and at the same time feeling the heat on the surface of the body, excitement from feeling on my body of other men’s hands and simultaneously feeling shame.
Having come to myself a bit, I looked around.
I sat on a towel that lay in the sand, and another towel was thrown over my shoulders.

I was surrounded by completely naked people, five men and two girls.
Everyone looked at me with anxiety and sympathy.
Well, how are you? – asked the tall and most tanned man.
He was sitting on his lap, next to me, carefully laying his hand on my shoulder.
His voice was quiet, insinuating and for some reason very inspiring.
I’m fine, thanks, ”I replied uncertainly.
How unusual it was to feel naked, surrounded by people as naked as I was.
Part 3 The third day of rest Morning jogging with Michael did not relieve sexual tension at Dasha.
We assumed such a development of events, therefore, when she ran to our bungalow, I was already dressed out on the street.
She was genuinely surprised: “Where are you going?” – I go to the store, I want to see, maybe some Russian press is sold here.
And from there – right to the restaurant for breakfast, we’ll meet there – and quickly retreated.
In the restaurant until Dasha came, we talked with Michael.
I told about her returning to the room at night: -.

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She was so excited, you can not imagine! Rubbed about me, molested, she never behaved like that.
– This is good, the girl matures.
– Maybe already ripe, it’s time? – It will be time when she will cease to control herself, and yet it is too early.
But the symptoms are good.
The main thing is that you won’t spoil everything – no sex with your wife! – You can not worry about me.
– Well, after breakfast we go to the diving center behind the boat, I organized a small erotic show there – very useful for enlightening your wife.
So, do not be surprised.
When I take the boat, you should stay in the room under any pretext.
Let your stomach hurt, okay? – Good.
Why can’t I be with you? – We have tight deadlines, so Dasha must spend the maximum amount of time with me in a matter of days in order to get used to me and trust me.
And on the contrary you should get away from you, what is there unclear? – Yes, everything is clear, simple, something stupid.
– I noticed that somehow, quite naturally, our relationship with Misha changed: we seemed to be partners in one business, but at the same time I began to treat him as a mentor, as a senior rank, as a boss, on the contrary, he was becoming less and less scrupulous with me.
But I even liked it, it was not a game, it is – for real.
After breakfast we went to the diving center, which was located away from the bathing area of ​​the beach, so there was practically no one from the rest.
But, approaching, we saw someone there.
On the beach couches, exhibited near the diving center, really unfolded the show promised by Misha.
An absolutely naked blonde, about 35, was kneeling in front of a young black sportsman sitting on a sofa and giving him a blowjob.
And while sitting on the face of a white man about my age, who, lying on his back, was located between her legs

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