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What are you doing? – Alina asked stunned, – How is it? – however, the line is again behind the murmur and Nadia saw how the elastic jet weakens and stops altogether.
Alina pulled on her panties and lowered her skirt, hiding her beauty from Nadia.
I missed Kate here, and now I’m standing here naked – Nadia said guiltily, – could you bring me the key to the audience of the 314th? Alina was still looking at Nadia in surprise, but her explanation seemed to satisfy her and removed a whole bunch of questions.

Yes, of course, dear, of course I will bring it, – and Alina put her palms on Nadi’s shoulders and kissed her on the lips.
Wait, I am now – and Alina disappeared behind the door.
We had to wait a long time, almost to the end of the pair.
Alina entered and handed the key to Nadya.
Take it, I opened the door, just come faster, the pair will end now – but Nadia herself knew it and therefore without even taking the key, she quickly jumped to the door.
She flew past the open door, but the students who collected the books did not notice her, only Rudolf Petrovich noticed her, suddenly covered with sweat and reddening like cancer.
Nadia flew to the door as if on wings, she no longer knew what excited her more than the drying up trickle of Alina, the naked jogging along the corridor or finally the proximity of her shelter.

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She flew and heard students approach the door, but she had only a few steps to the door.
He clutched the handle, put his lips to the cold steel again, pulled the handles and.
the door was locked.
The light faded again in her eyes, this time from horror.
The students left the classroom and she felt their views on her back with her back.
Nadia stood, buried her face in the closed door and was afraid to turn around.
She stood red with shame and now really did not know what to do.
A parallel group came out of the audience, mostly boys, who stared at Nagy with satisfaction and commented on her ass legs and demanded that she turn her face to her happiness.
And she laughed the loudest, Nadia heard it clearly, Alina.
She pointed a finger at her and said that these two lesbians had completely clinked glasses.
Nadia turned and walked slowly toward the toilet.
Ogogo what boobs, let me touch it – the students laughed, Nadia walked

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with her head down and not seeing anyone, whose hands grabbed her chest, her ass, ten hands squeezed her at the same time, Nadia flipped back and continued to walk.
Suddenly, she saw straight ahead a grinning Alina.
Nadya stopped and wanted to say something to her, but she pushed her in the chest, someone put her footboard up and Nadia fell on her back.
Two immediately attacked her, she felt through the jeans of the attackers at once two standing members and suddenly got excited again.
But Rudolph Petrovich’s harsh shout stopped the developing orgy.
He approached her, gently lifted from the floor, threw his jacket over his shoulders and led him to the pulpit.
Nadya could not stand the nervous tension and burst into tears.
org) Rudolf Petrovich led her by the waist, or maybe lower, Nadia did not remember, she remembered only ten hands at the same time squeezing her. Watch webcam sex.

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