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Oli’s indignant voice came from under the blanket: – Hey! I just asked for a blanket! – The ball began to laugh it off: – And I, as a free application! Universal heater.
The people liked it, and people began to poke fun at how Sasha should properly heat Masha.
So, one place in the minus is still no blanket.

I reached out with my hand, and pulled a pillow from the empty bed, so that no one would have lain here.
So, I once again looked at the lying ones, which were not so visible, but the silhouettes could be seen if desired.

– So! Vadim! And why are you without a wife? BUT? Where are Svetka doing? – I asked terribly, – Well, let’s go march after Svetka! Now! Vadim reluctantly got up and walked away to look for his wife.
After some time, there were no free beds in the room, which I immediately notified the next room with a request not to interfere with our sleep.
Kostya sat on the table, staring dully in front of him, holding a glass of vodka in his hands.
Grabing a glass of wine was a matter of two seconds.
– For the birthday girl! – I proclaimed a toast and immediately drank.

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Everyone followed my lead.
Kostik poured himself a glass of vodka, sniffed it with cucumber, and immediately poured more.
Realizing that there is a matter of ointment, I went to Natka.
Kneeling beside her, I gently kissed her on the cheek, for which I was immediately rewarded with a return kiss.
She lay before me so feminine, so desirable, and I could not get hold of her at that very second.
My lips caressed her lips, the hand crawled under the blanket, under the jacket: why do you need a jacket, silly! Fingers felt a soft chest, and earned over it, gently squeezing, stroking and caressing.
I ran my hand over the velvety tummy, feeling with pleasure how he flinches under my arm.
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