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Meanwhile, Mikhalych drove the elk straight into his throat, he was frightened, began to break out and his horns came off.
Elk shamefully fled from the place of orgies.
The hackneyed bear, too, did not show much interest in our hunters, and they slowly, quietly, seized the horns and went home.

The score was 4-0.
The men’s team lost to the women’s team again.
In indignation, I pounded my fist on the table and, rubbing my bruised limb, switched the channel.

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just showed the latest news release.
Increasingly, there are cases when the victim of sexual violence is not a woman, but a man.
– broadcast leading.
The situation was commented on by female policewomen and female lawyers.
From their words, it turned out that there was no particular success, and often it was not even possible to establish the fact of a crime, and when it succeeds, there are problems with evidence.
I listened to the floor ear.
This was not the first report on this topic.
My friend and I once laughed at such news.
I then said that a real man would never allow himself to be raped, much less a woman.
To which my friend replied that all these reports were bullshit and they were invented only for entertainment.
The latest events seriously make one wonder who the sexes really are – the presenter said ironically.
Today in my plans was the development of a new RPG.
But when I looked in the fridge, my worst fears were confirmed: the stocks of beer came to an end.
The stall near my house was already closed.
Eh, and just a few years ago there was no competition between the men’s and women’s teams.
I imagined myself in the shoes of football players and thought that even I would not lose to women.
With such gloomy thoughts, I put on my jacket and went to the convenience store.
Taking a few cans of beer and a pack of cigarettes, I set off on my way back.

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I was already anticipating how I would shred skeletons and zombies, and I was so in love with my dreams that I did not notice how two figures approached me.
These were young girls.
Looking at their faces, I was surprised to recognize the participants of the women’s team.
This was confirmed by the “numbered” T-shirts, exactly the same as at the match: №8 and №14.
Girls, you would not walk so late.
Still, it may be unsafe.
– As a senior, I could not just pass by and decided to give advice to the younger generation.
I even generously forgave them the victory in the men’s team.
Look, the adviser turned out – said No. 8.
– Or maybe we are not just walking, but are looking for, with whom would we have some fun? – She looked at me and continued, – and you seem to be quite suitable for this role.
In what sense? – I absolutely did not expect such a response and was slightly taken aback.
Give us pleasure.
You do not mind? And, by the way, who cares about your opinion, – the girls laughed.
I did not understand that they found something ridiculous here, and that they need anything from me, and decided to continue on my way.
Hey, have you really decided to leave our society? – displeased asked №8, putting my hand on my shoulder.
– It is at least impolite towards us.
More modest number 14 was a little distance away.
If you want, you can look for entertainment, but I have to go home – I tried to shake her hand off her shoulder.
At this point, in order to clarify what happened next, I will make a small lyrical digression.
When I was still in school, I played football and even thought about doing this sport professionally.
But then there was a university, and after it ended – a boring, routine work.
I quit playing sports.
Wearing heavy armor and the battle against the undead, oddly enough, did not help maintain my fitness.
So I was only a great footballer in dreams and, I am ashamed to admit, but even one athlete would easily have twisted me.
My resistance was easily broken.
Short fight ended with a knockout.
When I came to my senses, I found that the girls dragged me to the bench.
And you did not put much of it? – I heard a slightly worried voice number 14.
Nyche, right now oklemaetsya – waved his hand number 8.
It was here that I remembered that ill-fated reportage.
Girls, please do not! – I gave signs of life.
It is necessary, Fedya, it is necessary, – said No. 8, taking a sip of beer from my can.
I’m not Fedya! My name is Kirill! Stop drinking my beer! – I was indignant.
Kirill, do you really feel sorry for beer? Greed is bad quality, especially when you are in company with a girl.
Here we need serious educational measures.
With these words, No. 8 threw away an empty can and pulled off my pants. Webcam trans.

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