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This thought seemed funny to me.
And I went to my sofa.
One guy was lying on a spread mattress, on the floor, the second was sprawled on my couch.

Lay down with this guy jack clutching his dick.
In the morning the mood was wonderful.
And the most amazing thing is that I caught myself on a few indecent thoughts.
And if there was no need to go to work, you would certainly wake up and fuck both.
Peering into the faces of the sleeping guys – well, they are not like a fig my son, Seryozhka.
Yes, and school dress – I remember the last time I was 20 years old wearing it.
Well, the dreams I had told myself, and at the same time I did not just stroke a member of one of the guys, but also tried to lift him with a blowjob.
What – there guys slept a sweet dream.
I had a reflex: my son needs to be prepared.
table for his breakfast.
A great idea – and here I quickly fry the meatballs and boiled buckwheat.
Even put on the table and butter and cucumbers.
But instead of waking up, she left a note.
Boys, lock the apartment and call me on tel. Www live sex.

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