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Having paid for the cocktail, Olga herself took it to Sveta.
– Your cocktail, try it.
Itself would love to drink, but not at the wheel.

– I will try it with pleasure.
Light slowly, drank a cocktail.
-Really, delicious.
-I told you.
Want more.
-No thanks, I seem to be drunk already.
-Do not be shy, I’ll take more, I do not mind.
Together they came to the bar, Olga asked the bartender to repeat her previous order.
Having waited while Sveta drank a cocktail, Olga said it was time to go home.
Sveta agreed with her.
When they got into the car, Olga suggested that Sveta go to visit her.
– Already late, go to me, sit down, have a chat, continue a pleasant evening, I still live alone, where there will be a place to sleep, in the morning we will discuss everything about your work.
– I do not mind, I am with you very well and interesting.
For herself, Olga celebrated the victory, she was almost in her hands that a slave, she still didn’t know how she would train this filly, didn’t know how she would react to the appearance of a new slave Lenka, however, she was completely indifferent, but was 100% sure that this girl will become her slave.
They rode and chatted about any nonsense, thanks to the alcoholic Light, they drove to sleep, everything floated before her eyes, she was not very good.
What happened next to Sveta remembered how, in a dream, all that was left in the head was memories of how they drove up to a multi-storey building, went to the porch, took an elevator to a floor, an unfamiliar girl opened the apartment door, and then darkness and emptiness.
When she woke up, she felt that she was lying tied and undressed on the floor.
Memories vaguely returned to her.
Svetlana looked around as far as she could see she was lying on a fluffy carpet in a room where no one was.
She tried to scream, or to call someone to help, but

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she did not succeed, her mouth was gagged.

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She fully recovered and all the events that happened to her were fully formed in her head.
The girl realized that she was seriously hit, although she still didn’t understand where.
She had no choice but to lie and wait for what would happen next.
After some time, the door to the room opened and a girl entered, who yesterday brought Sveta up, her name was Olga, she remembered.
Svetlana tried to say something, but nothing came out of her gag.
Olga, having measured it with a contemptible look, said: “You can not try, say something, I am not interested in that nonsense that comes out of your rotten mouth, you will speak only when I want it.”
In the meantime, I do not intend to listen to you, first you will carefully listen to me and it will be better if you immediately make the appropriate conclusions for yourself from my conversation.
I give useful advice, the sooner you put up with your position and fate, the easier it will be for you in the future, although I don’t promise an easy life.
Olga sat on a chair in front of the girl lying at her feet.
Well, now listen, about your future life.
She briefly told her future slave about her life, missing some moments of the biography, that is, told about what she considered necessary.
-Now you know almost everything about me, you see, I was frank with you.
I propose to you to become my slave.
You have no work, you live alone, no one cares about you.
You will live with me at everything ready, you will not pay for the apartment, you will not have to think about anything, I will think about everything myself for you.
Not life, but paradise.
Of course, you will have duties, you have to pay for everything in this life, but if you do them well, then everything will be fine with you.
Everything is simple and easy, you need to carry out my orders accurately and unquestioningly.
I will punish severely for non-compliance with the order, and how soon I know how to do it, you will find out.
I already have a slave, I told you, at first she was also obstinate, but now she cannot imagine how you can disobey me.
Olga clapped her hands lightly, after a moment a thin exhausted, naked girl crawled into the room, her gaze was so crowded and hunted down that there was almost no trace of its former beauty.
A collar was put on the neck of the slave, her nipples were pierced, and a ring was inserted into each nipple.
In the labia, small ringlets were also inserted.
Near the vagina was tattooed “Property of Mrs. Olga.”
The whole body was in scars and scars from beatings.
Light was scared to look at the girl.
– This is my thing, which is ready to give my life for me, that is, it will do it without hesitation, if I order. 3d sex comics online.

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