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Finally, Sergei could no longer hold back and poured into the teacher’s anus with a loud cry.
Tamara Vasilyevna immediately turned around and, having completely swallowed his member, began to lick him.
Sucking the remnants of sperm, and clearing the member of Sergei, she slyly smiled and ordered to give the record book.

– Such a priest deserves the highest praise.
This phrase caused irritation, but there was also relief from the sight of the five in the right place.
This is a continuation of the story. My first homosexual experience from 09.
2010 I didn’t write for a long time now I decided that my old address was hacked by the one that had to start a new one. So, after the last incident, I didn’t come to remember my first homosexual experience and even immediately from the three guys.
Of course, I didn’t work out very well, I often masturbated and stuffed myself in the ass with different subjects and at the same time I ended up richly, but I don’t have the courage to get real, everyone thought that it wasn’t natural and sex could only be with a girl.
Well, the situation is not so.
Once Sasha called me, you probably remember him from

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the past story, and suggested that I meet for a beer, since I myself like Sasha more than anyone else I first wanted not to go in order not to lose my temper and not have sex.
But then I decided that if I met and didn’t get lost, it means that in fact the last time was accidental and I was actually heterosexual.
As shown further events I was wrong! He was mistaken both in his will power and in decency of Sasha.

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When we met, we first talked about nothing.
Then Sasha said – how did you like it last time? – I was drunk and did not think that I was doing this was an accident – I replied – Yes? And then you behaved like a real bitch moaning and sucking professionally and not believing that this is the first time – it was the first and I’m sure the last time – I said – well, I believe about the first one about the last one – Sasha smiled mysteriously and took out the photos that he gave me .
The photographs showed how I suck my cock members, how I drink cum from a glass with a martini.
I blushed ashamed though the memories not only caused shame but also aroused me.
– Take this paper, the address is written here, if you don’t want everyone in the city to know about what you did, come on it at 19–00, do me a small favor and then I’ll give you photos and negatives – with these words Sasha gave me a piece of paper with address and left.
The whole day I was not myself, I thought not to go, I understood that I had to go.
Still, at 19–00 I was at the address indicated.
It was a big house with a fence, Sashka met me in one of the rooms and told me to go to the bath to wash, wash my ass properly and gave a cream for hair removal.
When I washed and I was smooth, I went out and saw women’s clothes on the couch.
Let me dress you and make up for you to be a real girl not only inside but also outside.
I had nothing left to agree.
I dressed in all white – put on a thong, a bodice with silicone inserts, mini skirt, bokfordy and topic.
Sasha put a black wig on my head and made me colored.
After that, he suggested that I look in the mirror.
A gorgeous girl was looking at me from the mirror – and very skillfully made up – and where only Sasha learned to do such makeup? – Well, what are you looking at? A real girl, you need to come up with a name – I think we’ll call you Tanya, even rhyme is Tanya – Hook, I blushed and got excited, and he continued – you will now go to another room there is a guy his name is Dima, he is 36, he is of course a little fat but he has a big 20 cm
member and he loves girls like you, he paid you money and you go to work them out and then you get the photos – said Sasha and pointed to the door to the room. Adult webcam sex chat.

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