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For the first time I saw our mistress naked, and noticed that she was no different from an ordinary woman.
So, for what and how did you grab them? She insisted.
– Show me.

Do not make me wait.
“I disappeared,” I thought, and deciding that I should still be smacked, grabbed the lady by the lips of his lips.
But, I tried to do it delicately.
What did you do with it next? – she excitedly raised her chest, getting out of her shirt, in a choking voice.
I had before them mother maiden.
So she taught me how to handle this in such cases.
I felt inside the bumps and move it well.
Why aren’t you showing me what a hillock it is, the lady asked in a trembling voice, frantically squeezing my horn.
– I want to know this.
Here he is, mother, ”I replied, carefully thrusting a finger into her wet crevice.
Here are the bumps.
It was? And then mother-madam, I began to move him and roll.
Like this.
how long have you been doing this? Show me everything as it was.
don’t miss anything.
I stirred it up.
I rolled it, ”I mumbled, touching the mound of a mistress, whose thighs began to twitch more and more, but worry, until Palashka fell back and did not spread her legs shamelessly in front of me, so I understood what she was waiting for.
So what was Palashka waiting for? What b.
I covered her with my mistress.
And how it was, show me.
She stretched her legs.
Like this? – asked the lady, bending and pushing the snow-white legs.
Seem to be.
And I lay on her.
How did you lay down? Show me.
Feeling that I had already gone too far, if I touched the shame of the lady, I lay on top of her and showed what was next, took my horn from her hand and guided them through her shame, inserted it into a wet well.

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Though it was wet and slippery, my horn plunged into it with great difficulty, forcing its throbbing walls to move apart with its pressure.
Under my belly, the lady’s belly was shaking very little, but she herself was breathing hot, as if she were in a fever.
What did you do next? ”She asked in a fading whisper, spreading her arms around her.
And then, he did what a peasant with a woman usually does in such cases.
And I showed her so that when I returned to the sinful earth, I discovered that the pale wet lady, having closed her eyes, was lying beneath me, as if it were not living.
And it seemed to me with fear that she was lying lifeless.
I was horrified.
They will ruin him to death, if something terrible has happened to her! But, here, she opened her eyes and whispered: – “This, of course,

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is very terrible.
And how many times did you do that? ”Mother Palazhka twice.
Yes, with Fenka once.
Did they feel good afterwards? The palashka, after the first time, initially gave way to Fenka, and after the second time she was so weak that she asked me to lie down a bit on her to make her feel better.
And ordered not to take out.
So lie on me without taking out.
So she liked what you did with her? Liked it, mother-lady.
I also liked it.
She admitted that she hadn’t had the best with her.
Well, I agree with her.
Did you like her? I really liked the mother-lady.
And I’m not worse than her.
It is better! – I frankly replied.
– Where is better, mother – mistress.
As good as it gets.
There is no fire in it that is in you! Thank you, on a kind word, Andryusha, ”she said unexpectedly.
Do you want to tell me more about what you have been doing? Oh, mother! How can I refuse the honor so great! I still have a lot to tell you about.
So do not be tormented, go on, say, ”the lady said languidly, spreading her legs wide.
It all started with a party with not very familiar friends.
We drove there with a friend, with nothing to do.
We called – we were invited.
The hut was full of girls, about five, and there are only three guys, except for us, of course.
It was smoky and everyone played cards.
I do not remember what the game was there for, but after each “tour” at about 15 minutes, a randomly formed couple would get up and leave in a separate room. Amateurs sex hidden cam.

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