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Throwing the blouse over the girl’s shoulders, he with obvious pleasure stroked his small breasts and easily pinched her nipples.
Masha fell into a stupor, scared and not knowing what to do.
The owner of the house took a step back, admired the depraved half-dressed girl, and calmly said: – Tell me something: well, let’s say: about Italian Baroque.

Seconds ten Masha did not understand that she was asked.
– Baroque ?.
What is baroque ?.
Tongue stumbled after thoughts.
– Well, I do not know which one you like – Roman, Sicilian, it does not matter – the man answered.
Still humbly lifting up her skirt, the girl tried to gather scattered thoughts and memories.
She knew little about the subject, but it was too late to retreat.
– Can you talk about Bernini? – She babbled.
“Tell me what you like,” the owner replied and, listening to the confused answer, walked around the girl.
Masha told me that she was torn between the need to express her thoughts coherently, shame, excitement and fear of the unknown.
Suddenly, the male fingers touched her from behind, and the girl shuddered so that her breathing got off.
The owner lowered a blouse from his shoulders stronger and, firmly taking Masha by the neck, pulled her against the wall, on which hung a mirror.
Panties down to her knees made the girl walk funny

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and awkward.
– Look at yourself – the examiner sternly said, putting the half-naked Masha in front of the mirror.
You are standing here with your skirt up and bare boobs, and you tell sadly, like a schoolgirl in class.

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I asked you to talk about what you like, what delights and excites.
Why do I need these lists of Roman churches – it is better to choose only one and forget that this is a church, imagine that it is empty and you are standing there in this form – imagine where you would like to be? Masha was completely lost, staring at her own reflection in a stupor, but soon a thick bandage lay on her eyes.
The girl was forced to continue the story blind, she was shaken, her legs were bent.
– I: I really like the photos like this: here: with a white oval vault in the coffers: at the four fountains – she babbled.
“Yes, very much,” said the torturer, approvingly — true, this is Borromini, but it doesn’t matter.
Well, imagine yourself in the center of this baroque box.
Masha felt her skirt being lifted up behind her, then they pushed the hem of her belt.
Male hand touched naked buttocks and the girl could not restrain a convulsive sigh.
– Remember, remember! The lines of the arches are convex, soft and elastic: The male palm erotically walked over the thighs and ass, followed by goose bumps.
– Yeah: Masha swam, she didn’t understand anymore – she’s so beautiful or distant Roman marble.
– Slender columns: The hand gripped the leg and Masha’s knees bent with a moan.
-: Slender columns happily pick up their cargo: The palm penetrated the crotch.
– Spread your legs – ordered the owner, slapping a shaking girl on the pope.
Removing the obstacles, he thrust his hand forward, plunging his fingers into the wet crevice.
Under the stifled feminine oohs, he tugged at the wet folds, teased the clitoris, shallowly inserted his fingers inside.
“You’re wet, you’re a sensual bitch, I like it,” the man stated, and Masha moaned with pleasure at these words, although no one had ever called her “bitch” and never before had she thought that such an appeal could excite her.
“You remember The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, right?” – suddenly asked the examiner.
– D: yes: of course: Aah: mm: – Masha almost cried from the suppressed tension.
– Describe this sculpture to me. Anal sex watch online.

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