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“Aha, like this,” Sveta nodded rather, “Make the boy flatten herself on the back.”
Seeing how Sveta leaned over me with a pipette in her hands, I shook with fear.
“This is how we enter inside,” the nurse explained, making me flinch from the very unpleasant feeling on the tip of my pussy.

It was not a pain, but some kind of strange tickling, as if I strongly wanted a little bit.
“Now we squeeze,” continued Sveta, reinforcing the already painful discovery.
I could not stand it and roared loudly – not from pain, but from the fear of an unfamiliar procedure.
Before my hospital, nobody touched my pussy at all – not even my mother.
And then the arrogant nurse gathered to torment me with a painful procedure.
“Just a little bit – so that the proboscis is slightly inflated,” said Sveta in a completely everyday tone, without paying even the slightest attention to my roar, “And now we hold the tip so that the oil remains inside.
And knead well.
Again, feeling the painful manipulations with my pussy, I began to fidget and escape, but Tanya only pressed me closer to the table.
Feeling in strong adult arms completely helpless, I continued to cry from resentment and powerlessness.

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“Now you can let go,” Sveta said

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, and I felt something spill out of my pussy.
“I used peeing with butter,” Nastya giggled.
“You can try the most important thing,” announced Sveta, “Pulling the skin off.”
Another’s fingers took my pussy again and I suddenly felt a rapidly growing pain.
“But what does she do with me” – I thought with horror and roared even louder.
“Yelling like a slice,” Tanya grinned.
– Painfully? – Light asked me with a guilty smile, – Well, I will not put off any more.
Just a couple of seconds so hold.
“Decently opened for the first time,” Vika said.
– Well, zashechim pisyunchik and repeat the procedure? – smiled Sveta.
The news that the nurse was about to repeat her agonizing manipulations again caused me a heavy sigh.
However, the next Svetina phrase was even worse.
– Are you Dima’s mom? – asked Sveta with a smile, turning her head in the direction of the front door.
A second later, my mom really approached the table.
“Just not this!” – I thought in a panic, almost dying of shame, that my mother found me in this form – especially during the most terrible procedure in this hospital.
I was ready for the nurses to torment me with painful procedures all day long – just not with my mother.
Having met her mind, I noticed in my mother’s eyes bewilderment and alarm.
“They arrived just in time,” Sveta told my mother, “Now I will teach you one procedure.”
– The one you are doing now Dima? – Mom asked.
“Aha,” Sveta nodded. “You, too, will have to work the foreskin on your child every day, until the head is fully opened.”
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