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Once I told him that I was going to have an operation, and I would have a vagina like all women.
I just wanted to test his reaction.
Actually, I am terribly afraid of operations.

Enough with me and pills.
He was upset and began to make various arguments against the operation.
Then I understood how important it is to him.
He doesn’t care if I can try orgasm or conceive a child after surgery.
All he cares about is this damn process between my legs.
Still, he has in his head cockroaches! Why does my cock turn him on like this? His cock is not like that.
I’ve never seen circumcised members before.
Only in photos on the Internet.
The head is always visible and dangles at the end of the penis, like a large polished stone the size of a walnut.
If you take it in your mouth unexpectedly, until Max had time to get aroused, you can enjoy the whole metamorphosis.
You can manage to hold the tongue along the groove around the head and shove the penis completely in the mouth.
Even when relaxed, it barely fits in my mouth.
The head rests on the back of the sky and tries to slip into the larynx.
I hold it in my mouth as much as I can.
I know he likes it.
He takes my head with his sinewy fingers, accustomed to the fingerboard, and draws him to him.
With my nose, I rest against his short cropped pubis, my mouth is wide stretched.
He is trying to push there more and testicles.
He almost succeeds.
But there is no place left.
The main thing to breathe.
Dick bends in the mouth in half and presses in the palate more and more.
He fills all of me.
Finally, I break out, and a member jumps out of his mouth, gaining freedom.
I enjoy the view.
He trembles in front of me, covered in saliva, cocked and ready to go.
Before I met Max, I could say I was a virgin.

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Only once in eleventh grade did I fall in love with a guy.
I gave him a blowjob, until he realized what was happening.
But this is a sad story.
I don’t want to remember her.
With Max, I learned how to enjoy anal sex.
I am lying on my stomach with my hands tied behind my back.
He puts a pillow under my stomach, and my butt rises a few centimeters up.
– Zaya, can I bind your mouth too? – he breathes heavily from excitement, bending over my ear.
I reluctantly nod.
He’s gagging me with a towel.
Now I can not call for help, even if I really want to.
He sits back on my legs, and I feel the pleasant chill of the gel on my ass.
Finally! He gently rubs the gel around the anus with his finger and inserts a finger into it.
The first penetration is always the most unexpected.
Gradually, I relax and already willingly take his finger in me.
How it slides easily inside.
Honey, when will you start fucking me already? I’m all flow
He spreads my legs apart and for some reason pulls my penis on the pillow.
I don’t like it all.
Suddenly, I feel his lips tightening my penis in his mouth and slowly sucking it.
Oh god, Max, how nice! Why now? You have never done this before.
You only caressed me with your hand, but never with your mouth.
I do not have a persistent erection.
The penis swells, but remains as soft as gelatin.
To finish it is necessary to try hard.
Then a couple of drops of watery sperm flow from it.
Max clumsily caresses me.
For him this is the first time.
I feel his teeth.
I am laughing.
But still, I bend from pleasure, and he captures me completely.
He stops and sits astride me again.
Then he lies on top of me and slowly starts to introduce his penis into me.
Max is twice as heavy as me.
With his ankles, he spreads my legs and, like two braces, nails them to the bed.
I can not move, even if I really want.
This process seems endless.
His penis is well lubricated and slips inward easily.
Max always puts on a condom.
But getting used to his penis is impossible.
It feels as if he fills all the space inside and reaches the heart.
– Do you like it so much? – in a hoarse voice, he whispers in my ear.
I agree nod my head.
He takes my throat.
We did not agree! I’m scared, and I’m trying to turn my head and moo, so that he does not do that.
But he squeezes my throat even more.
I have trouble breathing.
My panic begins.
Then he lets me go a little, and I pant my nose.
Now I understand why he gagged me.
I scream, but you can hear only loud mooing.
I want to stop all this.
Tears flow down my cheeks, but he does not notice it. Best hidden sex camera.

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