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When I was 14, I received the first orgasm from the caress of fingers.
I caressed myself to 18 years.
Then she got married and thought that caressing herself was not fair to her husband.

“” Fool! “- Olga said, grabbing the lobe of the left ear of his beloved.
“Do you caress yourself?” – asked Nastya.
Always, when one or lover or mistress.
“- Olga replied, pushing the follicles of the labia and paultsi penetrating deep into the vagina Nastya.
“- Nastya moaned and sat down, widening her hips.
She pressed Olga’s hand to her lips and tried to push her deeper into her vagina.
She began to rise and fall on Olga’s clenched fingers as a male member.
Hello, by popular demand, and the fact that I wrote until late at night 2y part, and then it turned out that she was gone, and did not want to write everything again, I started anew, everything is taken from personal fantasy, more perverted.

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When I arrived at the house, I was all shabby, tired, and when I went home, I did not see my husband or children, I threw everything into the washer, and then went into the shower, washing everything off.
Only what was happening was spinning in my head, I liked everything that got up with me, mentally I wanted more, but limited to the framework, I did not cross the line.
Maybe she was afraid, maybe she just really didn’t want to, but only in her thoughts.
Having washed up and wrapped in a towel, I slipped into bed and fell asleep.
The next day I continued to communicate with Vadik and his friends.
There was one of them, in which coarseness was hidden, which excited me more, but it was closed, did not say much.
This went on for several months.
Every now and then we either talked or fucked.

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Yes, it was fucked, because everyone knew what they wanted, or rather me, and I knew what I want, just wild sex with several men at the same time.
Everyone wanted me to do the piercing, but I always tried to translate the topic, or escape the answer.
Everyone liked what I wanted to do, and I decided to do a piercing in the navel, after that I liked it, and I did it in the tongue, the more I began to get excited when I did blowjob.
And so I got to the point that I was already sitting in front of the master, drunk, and they did piercing on my lips and juices, I didn’t think well, I remember how my guys poked on those rings that later turned out on me.
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