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I was just sure that Alla would take his sperm and swallow it, but he preferred to cum on her breast and spread his sperm over her body.
Exhausted Allah, literally zaebannaya, sharply smelling like someone else’s sperm pressed against me.
My dick was just bursting, and as soon as she took it in her mouth, I almost instantly finished.

Everything accumulated during this crazy night escaped from my dick and that Alla had never had before, she didn’t have time to swallow part of the sperm, and she fell on a bench with a few drops.
Well, and then we all got together, at the exit “Master” himself offered to exchange phones and call before the next visit to the club.
So, I hope, still ahead.
I do not know why, but it is important for me that you, dear Readers, do not take this story for fiction or fantasy.
This is REALLY with us, which is what you want, if you are already reading such stories.
Chapter 8
Mom and the boys.
But it was not there! Hearing the noise behind the mirror, I quickly pulled on my pants and pants and fastened my belt.
When I went out into the hall, I heard the cheers of the boys clapping me on the shoulder and saying something like.
“It’s cool you vdul her,” “well you tore mommy,” and so on.
They all entered room 103.
Several cops walked with me into a room with a mirror.

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“Will you let her go?” I asked the “good” cop Karbov.
“Sooner or later,” replied Mashkov.
“It was awesome to watch you fuck mother.
But we agreed on something with your friends.
They give a knock subscription – and we let them fuck your mom.
And everyone is happy.
And your mother: after so many dickheads, she will not lose anything from her. ”
I looked out the window.
Mom was still chained to the table, and five boys in football uniforms, crowding around, squeezing her body.
Zhenya even kissed her.
Pasha was engaged in the right tits.
Bear with Dima – left.
Romka fucked pussy finger.
They frankly laughed, cowards were lowered and members sticking out.
Finally, Romka put a member to his mother’s vagina and, sliding inside, began to quickly fuck her, while the rest continued to roughly squeeze her mother’s body.
Mom whined when she saw five teenagers around her.
White breasts turned purple, splashed with ink on the fingers of boys.
While the rest of the boys squeezed her mother’s charms, Romka continued to fuck her mother.
Finally, he pulled out a member and shot a jet

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of sperm on his stomach.
Zhenya quickly took his place.
The cops smiled, looking at the sex-hungry boys.
Dimka, pulling a member, shoved him in the face of his mother.
Mom tried to turn her head, but the boy squeezed her nose – and Mom had to open her mouth.
It immediately turned out to be a youthful dick – and now mother fucked from both sides.
The rest squeezed the chest and ass.
Zhenka stopped smiling and tensed up: soon, he, too, had finished, splashing his mother’s hips.
He was replaced by Misha, fucking his mother and singing in a thin, youthful voice.
Pavel climbed on the table, sat on his chest mother and put a member between the titek.
Bringing them together, she began to fuck mother between her breasts.
I saw his head appearing and hiding again between mother’s luxurious milkings. Blonde teen webcam sex.

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