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“How will you feel more comfortable?” On your knees or on your side? ”
Nikolai replied that he himself did not know, then Marina invited him to lie on his side and bend his knees a little.
Very slowly, she began to introduce the cork, periodically removing it completely.

The cork was conical in shape, expanding towards the base and narrowing sharply towards the base, which made it possible to introduce it gradually.
When the cork penetrated so much that it remained to enter only the widest part of it, Marina felt that Nicholas somehow breathed deeply.
“Does it hurt you?”
“No,” answered Nikolay: “It is a little scary, perhaps.
Yes, and the feeling is unusual, albeit very pleasant. ”
“It remains quite a bit, be patient” – with these words, Marina pulled out the cork a little, and then began to confidently inject it, despite the resistance of the anus of Nicholas. Bongacams sexyboss96.

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