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Kohl took a rubber nipple in his mouth and began obediently sucking milk from a bottle.
Awake boy really tormented thirst.
Quickly emptying the bottle, Kohl put it on the edge of the bed and turned to the side, making himself comfortable.

It was really early to get up.
Yawning sweetly several times, Kolya quickly fell asleep.
When he awoke for the second time, Kolya immediately closed his eyes from the bright sunlight.
Judging by the sounds in the room, everyone already had time to wake up.
Hearing a row of romp and puffing next to him, Kolya turned his head to the left and looked with surprise at the plump neighbor, who was awkwardly trying to get out of bed.
It was nine-year-old Alyosha – one of two newcomers who was brought to the clinic at the same time as Kolya. Chat cam nude.

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