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Slavik did not know what to say either; Suddenly he said “I’m sorry, I am now” – and went out.
Half a minute later I heard muffled moans from the toilet, and then he came back to me – with a red face.
He sat down again with me.

he put a little hesitating hand on my head, stroked.
“Well, all right?” – And he smiled at me.
I could not speak, but I clung to this smile, as for the last opportunity to return to the world from which I fell, taking off my underwear.
He began to stroke me on the back, all over the body and say: The main thing is that you should not think badly of yourself.
The main thing is that you were very pleased, but forget about everything else! You enjoyed it, and do not think about yourself: all this is normal.
You do not fucking remember! You are a wonderful girl, beautiful, pure, the best in the world.
As he only understood what was being done in me! I, dissolving from his caresses, purred – and pressed closer to him.
All our life we ??barely communicated – “hello”, “goodbye”, “you look great!”, “Learned algebra?” – but now he suddenly became so close to me that no one ever was.
What, in fact, obstacles can be in front of a person who has just presented you with the greatest bliss in your life, and now she gently, soothingly strokes your naked body, and you lie before him – naked, defenseless ?.
All distances have vanished, as if they were not there – and I finally clung to him, put my head on his knees and buried myself in them.
Hugged him tightly.
I really needed human warmth – and Slavik became my dearest to me.
So began our love.
Slavik made a miracle: I left him without an unpleasant aftertaste, without contempt for myself, but on the contrary – with glee, with bliss in my soul! Every cell in me sang, and the soul sang too !.

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He took me all the way home — and when we were saying goodbye (I again did not know what to say, how to thank him), he suddenly took me by the shoulders, pulled me to him, hugged me.
and kissed.
Into the nose.
But it was so tender, with such love that I screamed with delight, threw my arms around his neck – and began to passionately kiss and lick him wherever I could.
Kiss – and give thanks, give thanks.
After that day in my life, heaven and hell began immediately.
Paradise – with Slava: we saw each other every day, opened each other, caressed, communicated.
it seemed a blissful dream, a gift, a miracle.
And hell was in school.
I became the enemy of all whom Glory drove out that day.
About me absolutely everyone shouted “fuck” and “shaved cunt.”
I could not easily pass from class to class.
Rumors of my debauchery reached such an extent that my mother took me to a gynecologist, and only when he confirmed that I was a girl, did my mother start to believe me a little.
Glory hit several times.
He is strong, but he was watched by four and five of us.
In general, it began so that we firmly decided to move to another school.
And we did.
but before that there was another story.
Once Slava and I were waited for by all the same guys – our former friends, and now a herd of brutal morons – they caught us, surrounded us with a ring, and Romka said: Well, sweet couple, fuck! Fuck her, Slava, you really want this! Glory sent him away.
In response, they began to beat him.
I screamed, but it was late evening, and no one heard me.
I began to undress.
they tore my clothes on – and soon I was left naked.
Glory, beaten, with bloodied face, continued to send everyone.
Romka said to him: If you do not do this, we will do it.
Look, what a sweet naked fuck !.
Slava tried to shake everyone off himself, shouted to me – “run!” – but we were both held firmly.
And then I suddenly realized what to do.
I said: Well, guys, show me what you have under your underwear !.
I was scary and disgusting as ever.
But I did it to save Glory – and only

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prayed that he was smart enough.
“Guys” made a noise, whistled, surrounded me (there were 5 of them), began to paw, pinch, crush my chest.
I again felt that terrible sweet cold that I experienced when I was shaved.
But she didn’t file a mind – and diligently played the “real whore”: Well? Who is first? I suppose all the hugs poked out of fear? And Romochka? And in the ass is weak ?.
Romochka was grinning and let down his pants. China hidden cam sex.

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