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For herself, Olga had already firmly decided that Svetka would be necessarily her slave.
-Don’t have much fun with you.
-Yeah, you won’t have much fun, but nothing, I think everything will be fine.

-Of course, most importantly, do not despair, I will try to help with something.
I myself, also not a Muscovite, came to Moscow to study, graduated from the university, then got a good job, now I occupy a good position.
During the time spent in Moscow, I learned a lot, especially understanding human psychology, made an excellent career, bought an apartment for myself, you see, I drive a good car.
With that, no one did not go under, she achieved everything, only by her hard work.
Let her not physically work much, although at the beginning of her career this was also, but with her mind and perseverance she practically fulfilled all the goals she had set for herself, only a few were left, then it would be safe to say that life was a success.
I will try to help you with a job, but we’ll talk about it tomorrow, and today we will have fun.
You do not want to eat? I know, not far from here, one decent cafe, let’s stop for a bite, otherwise I am hungry for something.
Sveta tried to say something, but Olga interrupted her.
– As for the money, do not worry, I am treating you.
-Thank you, – only said the girl.
They drove to the cafe, parked the car and went inside.
Despite the late cafe time, it was filled with more than half.
Olga often visited this place, she liked the calm atmosphere that prevailed here, not a bad menu and tasty cooked food.
Here she had a favorite table at which, she constantly sat, if he was not busy.
The staff knew her as

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a regular visitor and when she entered, the waitress immediately told Olga that her table was free and they could go and sit at it.
The menu was already on the table, but Olga was not really needed, she knew what to order, so she moved him closer to the new acquaintance.

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-Select what you want, do not be shy.
Sveta began to look at the menu, but when she saw what prices, she decided to order the simplest and cheapest of all available salads, as well as the cheapest second.
Olga liked Svetlana’s modesty, she realized in her mind that she was right about her choice.
Having decided to be a hospitable hostess to the end of Olga, she decided to make an order for Sveta herself.
-You have chosen, it’s not at all what you need, if you don’t mind, I will place an order myself.
Sveta only lowered her eyes to the tablecloth, she was very uncomfortable in front of Olga.
-I often come here and know what can be ordered.
She called the waitress and made an order.
As soon as the waitress left, Olga remembered that she had forgotten to order alcohol.
-It is out of my head, are you going to drink? -I do not want anything.
– Well, come on, let’s note, I would love to drink champagne myself, but I can’t, I’m driving, I have to drink juice, and I’ll order you, Moet Chandon’s champagne, it’s sweet, I think you will like it.
Olga once again called the waitress and ordered a bottle of champagne.
When they brought the order, and put everything on the table, Sveta was surprised by Olgina’s generosity.
Smiled, Olga, in a patronizing tone, said to Sveta: “Do not be shy, everything is paid for.
Let’s pour champagne, let’s drink to meet you.
They drank, Sveta champagne, Olga juice.
Having a casual conversation, they quietly made short work of dinner.
Sveta drank almost, that completely drank a bottle of champagne, became talkative, she was very good.
She met a successful, beautiful girl who promised to get her a job with a good salary.
Olga, too, wasted no time and cautiously, in order not to scare her prey, asked her about sexual predilections, in particular from a distance in conversation, touched the topic of how to relate to relationships, a girl with a girl.
She did it so subtly that it might seem that it was not a question, but a joke.
She also learned more about Sveta’s life.
From a conversation with Sveta, Olga realized that this girl would become her slave.
When champagne was finished, Olga ordered a cocktail for Sveta, although Svetlana tried to refuse it, but Olga insisted.
-To be in this institution and not try their signature cocktail, a real crime, try it, you like it.
After drinking a bottle of champagne in Sveta’s head, it was noisy, and she agreed with Olga’s arguments.
Olga herself went to the bartender and ordered a cocktail.
It was, indeed, the signature cocktail of this cafe, it was made on the basis of absinthe.
Olga asked the bartender to double the proportion of absinthe. Cute teen sex cam.

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