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You betrayed your Emperor and will be executed without trial! – He is not mine! The traitor exclaimed, “my emperor would never have sold six of his cities into slavery to a neighboring state.”
A murmur passed through the hall.
For many residents, this was a revelation.

The contempt on his face showed contempt, turning to a female

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warrior on her knees, he said: You violated the order! You broke the oath given to you by the Emperor.
You know what to do! “Before you die, I must tell you that it was at my command that your parents were killed.”
They were rebels and went against the Emperor, – having said this he threw the blade at her feet.
Lin Chi took the deadly weapon and substituting it straight to her heart, she was going to carry out the last order in her life.
– Do not dare! – Brother screamed, – For the sake of our parents! For the sake of our city, protect yourself! The spell fell.
On the face of submissive fate, reflected the fierce hatred of her parents’ killer.
She rose from her knees and threw the blade in the direction of her former teacher.
He made a movement with his hand, beating his weapon and drew his sword.
Lin Chi also drew her sword and attacked the man she hated.
Shin Ju was not indifferent, he came to the aid of his sister.
However, both warriors could not cope with a professional.
In addition, they were blinded by the wrath of vengeance, and this weakened their strength and ability.
– Stop being angry! – Brother exclaimed, – we need consistency of actions and a sober mind.
Lin lowered her weapon and burst into tears.
Sin understood – this is a trick.
The teacher did not fail to take advantage of this and pounced on her.
Two swords instantly entered his body.
Lin immediately gathered and her owner literally planted on her sword, like a little bug on a needle of a collector.

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Her brother also took the opportunity.
“It seems you taught me such vile ways, teacher,” she said scornfully, pulling a sword from a still-living warrior.
They avenged their parents, but it was too early to rejoice.
The whole army burst into the almost destroyed tavern.
The brother stood with his back to his sister and whispered: – I love you sister! Let this fight be the last for us, but our relatives are avenged.
Let’s die together! – I love you brother! – answered sister – die together! Forces were.
not equal, I mean, that two warriors were stronger than an entire army, ”explained the narrator in my face,“ but there were gunpowder guns in the city.
Brother and sister simply riddled with lead bullets.
Turning around, they embraced and died together, I finished my story.
“Sadly,” the listener said, curling her pretty face, almost ready to cry, “they are very sorry for them, but what happened to the city?” – Now, when the residents knew what fate they were prepared for, I think they decided to prepare until the new seal arrives.
But this is another story and it is unknown to me.
– And I thought you made it up yourself? – smiled Katyusha.
– Of course I invented, but relying on other works that I had read before, gently stroking the delicate pen, the narrator confessed.
Katyusha jumped off her seat and, sitting on my lap, began to gently kiss me on my face, gently stroking my back and shoulders with my warm hands.
No, I was not excited by this.
Her kisses were not sensual and hot, as is usually the case in the prelude to love.
In addition, she seized the initiative.
After all, should begin a man.
I just melted and I was easy and joyful.
At first I wondered why she was doing this. After all, we did not do this on the show and were at her house, and not in the sewing.
Finally it came to me: so she thanks me for the gift.
Soon, he began to do the same with her.
Gently kissing her sweet cheeks, lips and neck.
Then she was excited and asked to stop.
“It’s not over yet,” she explained, “and I must tell you that today we must be protected.”
We are not yet ready to start a little one, right? The truth was quite different – I was not ready for a serious relationship with Katya.
The fact that she was five years older than me was not an obstacle for me.
The obstacle was her mere delusion of purity and inveterate pedantry.
Even she was engaged in love almost strictly on schedule.
After each time, she ran into the shower and demanded the same from her lover.
Lover was not against it.
But all the little things evolved into one big whole, which is growing like a snowball, threatened to sweep away our love completely.
But then I still did not fully understand what this is fraught with in our relations. Free live skype sex.

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