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Maybe I want to see you from behind.
Even now it’s hard for me to say unequivocally why she needed all this, but I understood that she needed it one hundred percent.
Veronica got off the window sill, turned her back on me, slowly unbuttoned her pants and, slightly lowering her jeans, bared her ass.

It would seem that ordinary lilac panties, very elegantly emphasized the outlines of her buttocks.
I came from behind.
– Can I touch it? I asked, deliberately acting out as a polite musketeer.
Veronica silently turned and, leaning on the window sill, bulged up her ass.
I came up and lowered her jeans to the knees.
Feeling how her breath is rapidly increasing, I, holding two fingers over the elastic of her panties, slowly began to pull them down.
As soon as the panties finally slid off her ass, Veronica exhaled sweetly, sticking out her charm even more.
– How beautiful, I said gently.
– It is all burning, moaning said Veronica.
I gently parted my buttocks and saw a small cord with an eyelet on the end hanging near the anus.
– Wow, what do you mean, has already managed to fool around.
“I always wear them for a couple of hours before pleasuring myself in the present,” said Veronika, breathing heavily, they knead her ass well.
– Well, that means it’s time to release her and arrange real fun.
I gently parted her tender buttocks wider, gently pulled the string and the first bright red ball appeared outward.
Veronica moaned in all, without hiding the depth of her pleasure.
Her hips were expressively reduced.
Resting one hand on the window sill, the other she greedily stroked her swollen lips vagina.
Occasionally, as if teasing herself, she touched a swollen clitoris with her fingers and I saw juice running down her palm.
It was a juice of unlimited pleasure.

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When the second ball left Veronica’s anus, she exhaled sweetly and reached out with her hand to her briefcase.
– There Roman Viktorovich, in the inside pocket.
But I did not let her finish the phrase and a sharp movement, unfold it, squatted down.
She, looking at me in amazement from below, seemed to have understood everything.
– Roman Viktorovich, but I have never yet been.
She was embarrassed.
I immediately realized that she had not had occasion to engage in oral sex with a man, but I simply did not have the patience to persuade.
Quickly unbuttoning my fly, I immediately put my swollen penis in her mouth.
Veronica, coughing slightly, tried to turn her head back, but at that moment my hand on the back of her head was already controlling the depth of penetration.
– Nothing, my girl, you will succeed.
Keep going Do not stop! – I did not stop telling her.
After a while she began to get a good idea.
She began to improvise, trying to give me maximum pleasure.
Orgasm was not long in coming.
Having filled her whole mouth with sperm, I breathed a sigh of relief and, looking at my Veronica, I saw a completely different person.
A fire of wild, unbridled passion burned in her eyes.
Panties in a place with jeans soaked through, and she swallowed my sperm, said greedily.

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I want to finish again! “Of course,” I said, “who will let you go after one time?”
I lifted her to her feet, and unfolding, again leaned on the window sill.
“This morning I already had an enema, so we don’t need a condom,” Veronica said confidently, predicting my question.
Reaching into her briefcase, she pulled out a small vibrator and a tube of anal lubricant.
“First you need this, otherwise it will hurt me.”
– Then bend your back and spread your hands over the buttocks.
Oh how beautiful was her anus.
Gentle, resilient and so alluring.
I always had some admiration for anal sex.
It was something mysterious and unpredictable for me.
Densely smearing my finger with Vaseline, I began to slowly rub the grease on her sphincter.
She squirmed, handed hips to me and tried to implant her ass on my finger.
For this impatience, I decided to teach her a lesson and, having lubricated two fingers again, sharply drove her into the anus.
org) With a cry of pain, Veronica squeezed her ass and began to whimper softly.
But I did not torture her for a long time, and after a few seconds I gently relaxed her anus with a small phaloemitor.
As soon as I noticed that she was spreading her buttocks wider and wider with pleasure from the pleasure, I, without straightening it, suggested that she turn around and suck on my penis. Free online adult webcam.

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