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Andrei seemed to me a very handsome young man, with green eyes and blond hair, of a correct, slim figure.
While we were driving “to our clearing” in an abandoned park outside the city, various thoughts were spinning in my head – the fear of the unknown, at the same time curiosity.
We got to the place.

Vova got out of the car to spread a rug on the glade, as he usually did.
Meanwhile, I turned around and looked at Andrew, who, in turn, guessed that I had never had sex with witnesses, and even more so with threesome sex.
He smiled and said: “I see you worry.
Do not worry, everything will be fine, you will like it.
“I really was very tense, but Andrei’s sparkling look with passion woke up a volcano of desire in me.
My panties gradually became wet, tight nipples treacherously stuck through the dress.
We got out of the car.
I went to Vova, we began to kiss passionately.
Andrew was standing about five meters from us near the car.
Vova caressed my ear with the tongue, going down the neck.
He pulled off my dress, then all my underwear.
I was absolutely naked and very excited in front of my beloved man.
She unzipped her pants to the touch and lowered them down, giving her freedom to a solid member of impressive size.
I knelt down, lifted my dick with one hand, thereby freeing the way to the balls.
With her uvula I gently lick the scrotum, and with my free hand I snuck into the anus of Vova and began to stroke it.
The inner surface of my thighs was wet, I passionately sucked a huge hard cock Vova.

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I turned my head to the side of the car and saw Andrei stroke his cock through his pants.
Taking off his shirt, Andrew came up to us.
I let go of Vova’s member from my mouth and pulled the pants off Andrey, feeling that his pants were wet.
A member of Andrew was relaxed, he finished in panties from what he saw.
It brought me with terrible force.
Turning to face Andrew, I began to suck his limp cock, which in a few seconds in my mouth began to strain.
It is standard in size, smaller than that of Vova, but more even and beautiful.
I swallowed Andrei’s cock deeper and deeper, meanwhile Vova launched his cock into my thick, curly brown hair and slowly jerked off.
Having released a member of Andrew from my mouth, I asked them to lie down.
They lay next to each other and I noticed how they stroked each other’s body and kiss.
I did not expect this, but, oddly enough, it brought me even more.
I began to lick the tongue one after another of their anus, eggs, and sucked the limbs.
They moaned loudly and caressed each other.
Andrew got up, put me on his back and began to kiss my breasts, stomach, went down below and ran his tongue into my hot pussy.
Vova stood over my head and sharply

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inserting his dick into my mouth, began to fuck with great speed.
Andrew licked the clitoris and plunged two fingers into my narrow vagina.
I was at the limit, nobody has ever delivered such pleasure to me.
They changed in a few minutes.
and here I am on all fours, my anus licks Vova, and Andrei fucks me in the mouth.
Everything was dark before my eyes, I stopped feeling and controlling my body.
here he is a magnificent orgasm.
Vova put me on my back and licked all the moisture that had oozed from my vagina.
After giving me a couple of minutes to take a break, the boys began kissing and stroking each other’s members.
I was getting more and more looking at them.
Vova lay on his back, I sat on his huge penis, which could barely fit in my vagina, and Andrew entered my ass, in a hole that was still poorly developed from anal sex. Free sex webcam couple.

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