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Oh! Oh! Fuck me, more, more! shouted Ginny.
“Come on, whores,” Montague wheezed.
– Finish under purebred magicians! – added Malfoy.

All lowered almost simultaneously.
Montague, furiously twitching, completely filled

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Ginny’s vagina with sperm, Nott pulled her to him and after a couple of jerks shot with the tail deep into her anal.
“To the glory of Slytherin!” – Malfoy and Goyle shouted in unison.
Their members spit sperm at the same time in Hermione Granger’s pussy and ass.
And then they began to lower ten Slytherins who were standing around the slaves.
When Malfoy, Goyle, Montague, and Nott ended up in Gryffindor, Hermione and Ginny shuddered in spasms of dazzling orgasm.
Their vaginas seemed to burn with fire and squeeze out all the sperm from the members of the Slytherins.
Their eyes and mouths flew open, and two of the younger Slytherins aptly shot sperm: one trickled up Hermione’s eyes, the other got Ginny right in her mouth (of course, she immediately swallowed).
And then a drop of semen from all Slytherins pounded with a warm, white, muddy, viscous rain on the tired bodies of the Gryffindor.
With a quiet curse, Harry finished: a trickle of semen on the inside of an invisible cloak.
– What are you, really? – Ron got furious.
– How can you.
“Look at yourself,” Harry retorted.
Indeed, from the side of Ron on the wrong side of the invisible mantle a second trickle flowed.
Harry and Ron looked sullenly at each other and cleared the mantle with a spell.
– What will I do? – justified Ron.
– This is all monstrous, but will arise from such a person.

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“Yes, I understand,” Harry said.
– If only this night is over.
We’ll talk to Hermione and Ginny, we’ll figure out what to do – and I swear to you, Ron – I’ll rub anyone who dares to touch them with dragon shit! “We’ll erase,” Ron promised seriously.
– Fucking Morgana, what are they doing.
The Slytherins parted, and Harry and Ron saw their friends again.
Hermione and Ginny were lying on their backs on the floor.
Sperm got into their stuck together chestnut and red hair, sperm glistened on their eyes and lips, sperm flowed from Hermione’s big milkings and Ginny’s neat breasts down the stomachs.
But Harry and Ron were not even shocked.
They were shocked that the Gryffindors were trying to swallow all the sperm they could reach.
Ginny, spreading the fingers of her left hand and so expanded vagina, gathered Montague in her palm.
Having brought her palm to her mouth, she sucked all the sperm and began to roll it in the tongue.
Hermione inserted two fingers into the anal and screamed the end of Malfoy.
From time to time she got her fingers out of her ass and sucked on them as carefully as she did her homework for Transfiguration.
Then she buried her face in the floor and began to lick off the drop of sperm from the carpet.
xxx The difficult and dirty night of Hogwarts slaves ended.
Younger Slytherins were going to bedrooms.
– Or maybe even on razik? – Brazen asked Joffrey Boyle.
– Of course, ten times.
Boyle, who has fluid transfiguration test tomorrow morning? – answered Malfoy.
– Yes to Merlin, this test is not up to him.
Year after year, Tauno slowly made sure that the elixir of people from the moon really worked.
For now at least.
The young man did not know how much this potion can prolong life, and whether it is capable at all, but so far both he and Zaldron have not changed at all.
Some time after moving to this region, Tauno, much more impatient and hot, began to offer Zaldron to share their immortality with the locals.
The elixir was already sold out for a long time, but it didn’t bother the young man: Kirtian’s lens was still in their home, along with bottles of the drink of immortality, carefully hidden in a cache behind the fake basement wall, and the young man offered to repeat the experiment. Good sex live.

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