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Guessing that with the penetration of the head, it would hurt me, I was ready to suffer, so that I could get a buzz when the walls of my ass would push its hot barrel.
Therefore, I collected saliva and moistened his anus, put another finger to his hole.
Kostik’s anus was tightly compressed, so I lowered myself and began to lick his suture from the scrotum to the anus.

Judging by his reaction, he liked it.
Anus began to throb.
At this time, began to enter the third finger, folding all three boats.
Fingers penetrated the phalanx.
I stopped, allowing Kostina ass to get used to my fingers.
Kostya also put a third finger on my ass and I myself began to sit down on them.
Now I understood how he feels.
Pleasant pain that spreads from the anus and rises up.
I could not wait for a long time and began to sit down on his fingers, while at the same time introducing mine.
Entering them in half, I pulled out and re-entered.
Began to accelerate movement, fucking nice in the ass with a boat of three fingers.
Kostya did not lag behind and also fucked my ass.
Heat, fire, swept my ass.
I wanted them all, so I began to sit down until Kostya introduced them completely.
“Oh! How cool! Yes! And why did I ever fear anal sex? Fool.
“Having become accustomed to his fingers in my ass, I began to sit on them myself.
Licking a darling dick, I tried to take him deeper.
I was so fastened by his fingers in my ass and the sight of the disappearing fingers in my boy’s ass, that in a fit of passion I swallowed his trunk and did not notice how he entered my throat and I buried my lips in his scrotum.

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Only the lack of air, brought me out of the state of circumcision.
I quickly recoiled.
At this point, Kostik’s anus clenched, the trunk stiffened and shot me sperm on the cheek.
I quickly opened my mouth and covered my head.
The following streams splashed into my mouth.
Sperm was not so much, but it was still the same thick and tasty.
Kostya paused for a while, and then continued to fuck me in the ass, licking my clit.
His tongue made “pa” that made me shiver.
And his fingers in my ass only strengthened the approach of an orgasm, which happened in a

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minute or so, I do not remember.
She awoke from the fact that Kostya was kissing my neck.
We lay covered by a blanket.
It was nice and cozy.
Only the anus responded with discomfort.
But compared to what I have experienced before, this discomfort is nothing.
“Kitty, you’re an anal maniac,” I laughed.
– Why? Did it hurt? Or did not like it? – he was surprised.
“I said neither one nor the other.”
You just insistently solicited my back hole.
By the way, how is your little hole, does it hurt? – I asked.
– No, everything is normal.
– So, do you often caress your ass? Kostya hesitated and turned away in embarrassment.
– Why are you? I do not blame you.
If you like it, then so be it.
I don’t mind caressing your hole if it excites you, ”I reassured Kostya, and putting my hand under the blanket, squeezed his scrotum in my palm.
– Honey, do not pout.
– I tried to stir up him and began to kiss his neck, shoulder blades, back.
My hand was still scooping up his scrotum and pulling it down.
When I went down to his buttocks, I pushed one buttock and licked his ass.
The anus clenched and relaxed again.
I let go of his scrotum and turned it over on my stomach, with my two hands I spread my buttocks and began to caress his anus with my tongue.
Kostya began podmahivat me.
It began to get me.
I slapped him on the ass and again fascinated him with a hole.
Then she rose to her lower back, then to her shoulders. Granny black webcam sex.

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