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Tom had to kick the door with his foot so that the doorman, without taking his nose off the newspaper, made an indefinite gesture to the tablet with his hand, apparently deciding that he was dealing with an insane person.
Vasily repeated his maneuver, and only then the doorman, without opening the door, began to find out with signs, what was the matter, what Vasily shouted that he needed the director himself.
The doorman began to ask for a long time what and why.

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, in the continuation of which Tanya was standing a few steps behind, was becoming comical.
Finally, by chance, the director himself appeared in the lobby, who at first glance recognized the comrade, pushed the doorman and pushed the bolt away.
The friends embraced right there on the threshold, and then began clapping each other on the shoulders and exclaiming the usual nonsense: “Well, how are you? – And you? – Oh, nothing! – And I, as you see.
“Well, you give it!” And the director gradually brought Vasya in with him.
In these first minutes, Tanya, from confusion and not entering the restaurant, was forgotten.
Since she did not make any attempts to enter from shyness, the doorman, having taken her for an outsider, began to close the glass door.
Only then did the girl come to her senses and cross the threshold, but was stopped by a doorman, who, blocking her way, asked: “Do you need anything here?” Having become puzzled, having been frightened by unexpectedly sharp tone, Tanya made an indefinite gesture in the direction of men who had already moved forward a few steps.
If she had lasted another second, then Basil would have turned to her, called out, and everything would have gone as planned.
But the doorman, pushing at Tanya throughout the carcass, had already completely pushed her to the exit.
This is what friends who turned around saw.
– With you? – asked the director of his guest.

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And then on a wave of crazy mischief, excited by the meeting of Vasily, then a painful and tense state, about which they say: “the devil pulls his tongue.”
“No,” he said quickly, and, horrified, he immediately opened his mouth to laugh at his own joke and invite the bride to follow him.
But the doorman, having heard this word, with the last effort pushed the girl, stunned by such an answer, at the door and quickly bolted.
And until the end of his life, Vasya remembered an expression of endless surprise on Tanyushin’s face, in which the vestibule lights were already reflected.
Everything happened instantly, it was not too late to fix it, but the director, laughing, already dragged Vasya up the stairs.
Only when he found himself at the table, Vasya realized that now it is absolutely impossible to tell a friend that the girl who just before his eyes had pulled out of the restaurant, that girl was his bride.
It would never have occurred to anyone that a person who did this with his companion was at least a little serious about her.
Accordingly, no one will give her respect.
And Tanya herself after such a joke would hardly have gone here.
In the blink of an eye, the glasses were filled and, bringing the first to his lips, he suddenly clearly imagined Tanya in pearl beads and shabby arctic fox alone on a dark street, defenseless, understanding nothing, but still waiting for something.
After swallowing the vodka, he lifted the curtain and looked outside.
There was no one there.
“Nothing, I will come home – I will call her immediately and explain myself; she must understand, she always easily got out of all sorts of foolish misunderstandings.
“But he did not come home.
In the morning, Vasya woke up in an unfamiliar room, and next to him on the unreassembled bed a strange girl snored snort.
Vasya had a headache so much that there was no way to think.
Reaching somehow to the bathroom and putting his head under a stream of icy water, he began to vaguely recall something.
The restaurant was already closed, and they all drank, and the waitresses sat on their knees, he pinched all over his chest this redhead.
Then she dragged him into the next empty and dark hall, knocked over several chairs on the way, and finally closed the door behind them, shamelessly pulled off her pants and, falling on a chair, carried Vasya in front of her knees, disgustingly flinch and became tenacious paws to bend down his head to some slippery woolly source of a nasty smell; stinky rotten herring, and Vasya realized that it was the smell of an untying female crotch.
In order not to feel it, he rushed up, but the pants and shorts, not without the help of her skillful hands, fell down, he collapsed on the girl who wrapped her legs – and the nasty and dirty voluptuous nightmare began. Hairy models naked.

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