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We are arguing here, only you can judge us.
The guards, as always, selflessly performed their official duties, solved a crossword puzzle.
Judging by the red faces, the dispute was not a joke.

Good friends, but Petrovich would have to repair everything here after such a dispute.
– George, explain to this obstinate that the ancient bath is not a hammam, – Sanya was full of righteous anger, shaking the newspaper with a crossword in his hand.
– And what then? – his partner did not let up.
– I do not know yet.
But definitely not Hammam.
Sighing and shaking his head, George went further down the hall.
But it was not there, an inseparable couple caught up with him, and in order not to completely lose my mind, I had to give up: – Try the word terma, or terms that will fit.
The fighters of the security front bent over the newspaper, and after a couple of seconds their common trumpet floor roared, half shouted, half moaned: “In, normal, or they were stuck on one word,” Georges turned to me with a blurred smile, “Thank you namesake.”
The senior administrator came to the noise: – Good afternoon, George, although it may already be evening. Hidden camera office sex videos.

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