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And who is it? Maybe your next student has come to us for guardianship? Is this not Vika yours? – No, it’s not Vika, that blond.
And I see this one for the first time.
I myself am wondering who this lovely person is.

– Hmm, lovely, that already sunk on her, Lerochka hissed.
– Yes, I just said, although the girl is nothing, pretty, that’s just me and I wonder how she got to us.
Whispered Roman.
“Come on, let him sleep, and her

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things lie there, then let’s figure out who she is and where she comes from.”
The apartment is not hacked, nothing is lost.
Yes, and our keys are that neighbors left.
Probably, this is their guest, she arrived, and there is not enough space in their apartment.
Come on, let the person rest, in such early hours the most dream.
The couple retired to their bedroom, deciding to take a break after the road too.
But it was not a dream.
The question of who this girl tormented both.
Especially Romana.
For some reason he had a crush on this young lady, who apparently did not look like Lerochka at all, but to the pain reminded her of her thinness in her youth.
The same long legs are not big, but the round ass, narrow waist, flat tummy, did not give rest, pretty excited man.
But then, like a bag on the head, Lera asked: – Roma, what do you think, do we have an erotic massage somewhere in the city? – Of course, they do, for example, your Nikolai, jokingly, he answered.
– You are an idiot.
You’re kidding me.
And I seriously ask.
Maybe I want to teach you to make it to me regularly.
And if you podobny again, then I’ll definitely invite Nicholas as a massage therapist.
And let him caress and rumple me all over, indulge and stroke me, and you will start to salivate, and we shall see a member.

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And I will take it and will not give it to you.
– Will you give him? You’re dragging from big dicks, Roman again quipped.
– No, but I don’t even give him.
Of course, any woman drags herself from large organs, but not every one creeps beneath them.
There is also a sense of dignity.
– O Romka! Just now I remembered where my handbag was, I forgot about the disc and massage gel.
Now we will make you a sex giant.
They turned on the video player, and the same man appeared on the screen.
Looking from beginning to end, Roman looked at his wife with irony.
– And you believe in these tales? What is given by nature to man will be with him for the rest of his life.
“You don’t believe me, the professor told me himself that he wasn’t so big by nature, but in two years he became a monster.”
Well, let’s try not to torture.
She threw off a thin blanket, put a towel between her spread legs, and began to grease the penis with plenty.
Standing on her knees in front of her husband, Lera began to perform the procedures shown on the screen exactly.
And although Roman did not really believe in her miracles, he was simply pleased to feel the gentle hands of his wife on his trunk.
“What a bliss when you are milked, tightly clutching a member, and no need to fuck, and not some kind of blowjob is comparable, the feeling that constantly pulling him out of thick popochka, it is not even more pleasant,” thought Roman with his eyes closed, his head thrown back .
From the strong pain, the member did not strain up to the strength of granite, but continued to grow on the eyes.
The trunk swelled and swelled, remaining invisible in length.
The head swelled in one and a half times, and from the strain it glistened like a ripe plum.
The skin became thick and fleshy, and when it rolled onto the bottom of the neck, its fingers opened in the girth.
Seeing the fruits of their labor, Lera proudly called out to her husband.
Roman didn’t believe his eyes, some half an hour of her miraculous movements and the penis turned into a good plump fat man.
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She continued to fuck 2 of her lover and one she still divorced into a threesome.
I persuaded her for a long time on this.
during sex, she started up and said that she would be a fuckin ‘slut for two males who would fuck her like a whore in all holes.
But then she put everything off.
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