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So silly.
The guys approached me with burning eyes.
I managed to notice how the guy closest to me unbuttoning his pants and turned away, biting her lip.

For some reason, it seemed to me that right now I felt particularly ashamed.
At the same moment I felt on myself at once several rough male hands.
They roughly squeezed my thighs, buttocks, crept into the crotch.
Someone tore my pantyhose between my legs and pushed my pants aside.
I closed my eyes.
Our quite prosperous, sluggish current, student life, was disturbed by the appearance in the hostel of a distant relative of one of the fellow students who had arrived from places not so distant.

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On the very first day, in honor of his arrival, an ordinary booze was arranged in our room with a maximum of alcohol and a minimum of snacks, which did not differ from the previous ones, but all of our guys, including myself, somehow quickly turned sour.
Not less than three bottles of vodka were drunk for four, only an uninvited guest, sitting at the table to the waist, naked, with vulgar tattoos, did not even think about getting drunk.
He constantly invited one of our guys to measure his strength “in his arms” and each time loudly celebrated in honor of his next victory.

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Some of the guys also suggested that I try, on which he smiled wryly, not doubting that he would not need a second to put me in bed.
But I did not even try to resist him, knowing in advance that the result would be more than negative, and, most importantly, not at all in my favor.
In addition, I didn’t want in the eyes of the children to feel themselves ingloriously defeated, as I had no equal in other matters, say, in my studies.
In the middle of the night I woke up from the fact that someone had climbed under my blanket.
The first thought in a drunken head was that someone had mixed up the beds, but the next moment I realized that it was the same guest.
But why did he moor not to his relative, but to me? I tried not to react to his initiative, to pretend that nothing happened, since it was clear that somewhere he had to sleep, and in the same bed with his relative two healthy men would not fit exactly.
However, on the other hand, why should I feel the constraint? These thoughts made me slightly pull the blanket over myself, thus showing that I was not sleeping and that I would never give up my own.
The next moment, I felt how he had stuck to my ear and somehow croaked in conspiracy: “You are not sleeping?” I turned away and replied that I was not.
As if on cue, he pressed himself even closer to me, putting one hand on top of the blanket on me.
“Do you know a good girl in your sharaga, which gives?” – and he showed with his whole body what he needed.
I completely passed the whole dream. Howtoreachorgasm s bio and free webcam.

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